How the DSS Pilot Works

TVA and participating local power companies are offering 10 MW of Distributed Solar Solutions capacity in calendar year 2017.


2017 Pilot Participation Overview

Distributed Solar Solutions (DSS) is designed for mid-sized projects above 50 kW and up to 2 MW that are directed by LPCs. Applications must be submitted directly from an local power company (LPC) but may involve partnerships with other third party entities.

TVA will begin accepting applications beginning at 8 a.m. CST on March 1, 2017, and will continue to accept them through 3 p.m. CST p.m. on March 15, 2017.

Initial Research: LPC Investigates Potential Project

  • LPC reviews the pilot  guidelines to ensure project will meet the DSS participation criteria and other parameters specified.
  • LPC may establish partnerships with applicable developers, vendors, etc.

Phase 1: Application for Capacity

LPC submits the  application package to TVA. Once submitted, TVA will review the application to ensure the project meets the DSS parameters and selection criteria.

Phase 2: Contract Execution

Performance assurance requirements must be met before contract execution can occur. Contract execution is achieved once the contract cover sheet is signed by the applicant and TVA, and the wholesale billing agreement is executed by the LPC and TVA.

Phase 3: Notice to Proceed

Participant ensures appropriate local permits, required documents and financing are in place and submits NEPA Draft Environmental Assessment. TVA prepares Final Environmental Assessment and notifies applicant of findings. The participant submits a notice to proceed (NTP) package to TVA according to the pilot guidelines.

Phase 4: Installation and Commissioning

Material purchase and project construction may begin once a NTP has been granted by TVA. When the construction is complete, the participant, TVA and LPC need to collaborate on metering installation and configuration. If applicable, participant coordinates with LPC for commissioning. Only short periods of generation necessary for commissioning and/or for verification of meter configuration are permissible and must be coordinated and approved by TVA in advance. The required metering facilities must be installed at the Project Site at least 45 days before the initial delivery date (IDD).

Phase 5: Initial Delivery Date

The LPC approves the installation and verifies the interconnection agreement if applicable. LPC submits the initial delivery date request to TVA. Generation may begin no sooner than 24 hours after the IDD is granted by TVA and the 20-year contract term for generation payments begins.

Conclusion: Participant Receives Payment

TVA submits the monthly billing calculations to the participant. Participant invoices TVA for calculated billing and TVA pays the invoice. TVA will buy the green energy output at the contracted price for the full 20-year agreement.