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Is a solar system right for your home?

Interested in Installing Solar Panels on Your Home?

Green Connect helps residential customers who are ready to commit to a solar generation system (with or without battery storage) connect with quality installers. Customers have access to objective information and a network of quality installers, as well as receive installation verifications to ensure their systems are installed to TVA Green Connect standards.


Program highlights:

Access to objective renewables information

Solar systems with or without battery storage are allowed

Educational resources 

Installation verified by a third-party

Access to quality solar installers

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Solar Calculator

Are you a residential or small business customer considering solar? Determine if an on-site solar system is right for you by getting information on the cost and payback of installing solar in the Valley with our solar calculator.

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Green Connect FAQ

Considering solar, but have questions about what’s right for you? Check this list of frequently asked questions


More About Green Connect

Qualified Solar Installer 1-Pager

Green Connect 1-Pager

Bill Inserts

Participating Local Power Companies

Learn more about how to participate in Green Connect with your local power company. Just check this list to see if yours participates and get contact information.

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Other Resources

Clean Energy Grid

TVA Solar Calculator

Learn more about RECs

Want to go deeper into a Green Invest project?

Check out the KUB Green Invest case study.

Compare TVA Green Programs

Find the right TVA Green program for you by reviewing our program comparison here.