Bring new, renewable energy to the Tennessee Valley.

Looking to make a long-term investment to meet your businesses sustainability goals?

Green Invest is a proven, award-winning model that offers business and industry an effective, timely, and cost-competitive solution to aggressively meet their sustainability goals. The program matches customer driven commitments for renewable energy with new-to-the world, in-Valley renewable projects by leveraging a competitive procurement process. Businesses who partner with TVA are able to benefit from TVA’s scale and negotiating expertise in attracting a wide variety of potential renewable projects at economic prices.

Program highlights:

Up to a 20-year agreement

Economies of scale and competitive process ensure the lowest-cost solution

Utility-scale renewables, ideal for business and industry customers




Participating Local Power Companies

Learn more about how to participate in Green Invest with your local power company. Just check this list to see if yours participates and get contact information.

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