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Make the Green Power Switch

Want to do your part to support clean, renewable energy?

Want to do your part to support clean, renewable energy? It’s as easy as signing up for TVA’s Green Power Switch. For as little as $4 a month, you can support wind, solar, and biomass energy production techniques, and you can breathe a little easier knowing you’re taking positive action to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or institution. Each $4 block you buy ensures that 150 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy are added to TVA’s electricity mix.

Make a Bigger Impact

Thousands of corporate and institutional customers are buying Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help reduce their environmental impact. TVA will be working with select power companies to test a high-volume Green Power Switch option—Southeastern RECs. Make RECs part of your business plan. 

Green-e Energy

Green Power Switch has always been an official Green-e Energy certified program.

Learn more about Green-e Energy renewable electricity certification program (RECs).

Be a Green Power Visionary

TVA publicly recognizes businesses and institutions that invest in Green Power Switch at three levels of support:

Green Power Supporters       5 to 499 blocks each month

Green Power Champions      500 to 2,499 blocks each month

Green Power Visionaries      2,500 or more blocks each month