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Build a cleaner future for the Valley.

Help Keep Your Business Clean

Many businesses today are working to meet renewable energy goals like reduction of carbon footprint, purchasing green power or installing on-site solar panels, just to name a few.   

Consider TVA and your local power company as trusted partners for implementing your clean-power initiatives. TVA has long been a catalyst for change in the Tennessee Valley, and we’re here to work with you by providing guidance, selling renewable energy certificates and offering programs that partner with business and industry to implement solar, wind, biogas and low-impact hydro generation projects.

99.999% power reliability, with 24/7 local service since 2000 

TVA in the top quartile for carbon reductions nationally (based on 2019 performance)

Forecasting 70% decrease in CO2 emissions rate by 2030 (from the 2005 baseline)

Renewable energy certificates tracked, certified and retired on your behalf

Industrial rates lower than 93% of Top 100 U.S. Utilities.



Three Rivers Market



Programs for Businesses





My business wants to invest in green power but doesn’t want to own.

TVA's Green Switch lets you demonstrate your commitment to clean power by investing in blocks of renewables, such as solar, wind and biomass generation. No installation or contracts necessary.

Learn more about Green Switch >




My business is searching for a sustainable program to reduce the impact of high energy consumption.

Green Flex enables businesses with high energy consumption to quickly meet their sustainability goals at a lower cost through purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to reduce the impact of electricity consumption, support renewable energy and become a leader in sustainability.

Discover Green Flex >




My company wants to make a long-term investment to achieve our sustainability goals.

TVA and your local power company will partner with you to match your company's sustainability goals with new-to-the-world, renewable energy installations in the Tennessee Valley.

Explore Green Invest >


We have a renewable energy system and want to sell power to TVA.

You may qualify for participation in the Dispersed Power Production (DPP) program. Through DPP, TVA may allow a qualified facility to produce up to 80 MW of power to sell part or all of the power it produces to TVA at TVA's avoided costs only.

Learn more about Dispersed Power Production >

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Contact your local power company

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