Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

Since its inception, the Tennessee Valley Authority has established a proud record of environmental, energy and economic development leadership. Sustainability resides at the heart of TVA’s purpose.

TVA’s Environmental Policy is to provide cleaner, reliable and affordable energy to support sustainable economic growth in the region while engaging in proactive environmental stewardship. TVA’s pursuits in these areas benefit the well-being of the 9 million people we serve, employees, customers and Valley natural resources.

TVA maintains a Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (Sustainability Plan) and Sustainability Program designed to integrate the goals of Executive Order 13514, "Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance," into everyday operations in all business units. TVA’s Sustainability Plan addresses key aspects of TVA’s energy, environmental, economic and social resources and responsibilities.

TVA established specific goals and periodically measures and reports its progress toward meeting these goals, which are an integral part of TVA’s business practices and are tracked along with other business objectives. These goals include greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water and waste-reduction targets and actions prioritized based on positive return on investment. Each January the Office of Management and Budget issues a scorecard of agencies’ performance towards these goals.

TVA also participates in federal agency working groups focused on these issues in order to learn how other agencies are meeting goals, share the latest technologies and methodologies toward meeting goals, and to engage in development of guidance for executive orders and legislation. Additionally, and in line with sustainability objectives, TVA maintains a fleet management plan, biobased strategy and a climate change adaptation statement and plan.

January 2015 Scorecard Performance

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1 and 2

Ended the year with a 14 percent reduction in Scope 1 (non-generation fossil fuel combustion) and Scope 2 (electricity purchased) greenhouse gas emissions, staying on track towards meeting 17 percent reduction target by FY 2020. (Note: This measurement excludes reduction of emissions related to electricity generation.)

Reduction in Energy Intensity

Accomplished a 27 percent reduction in facility energy use from 2003 through identification and implementation of site energy efficiency projects. TVA has the lowest energy use of all the Federal agencies at almost half of the Federal average.

Renewable Energy Use

Achieved an agency renewable energy use percentage of 11.2 percent, which exceeds the FY 2014 goal of 7.5 percent.

Reduction in Potable Water Intensity

Reduced potable water usage by 27 percent through water conservation practices and identification and repair of leaks.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 3

Ended the year with a 7 percent reduction in Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Transmission and distribution losses, employee commuting, business ground/air travel, and solid/liquid waste disposal greenhouse gas emissions all contribute to Scope 3. TVA showed progress towards meeting its Scope 3 target through a number of ways, which include reducing business travel, employee commuting and transmission and distribution losses. However, due to an increase in contracted municipal solid waste disposal TVA was not able to meet its FY 2014 reduction target and is working to identify additional ways to reduce Scope 3 emissions in order to meet the 21 percent federal reduction goal by FY 2020.

Sustainable Green Buildings

We are focused on improving our two largest office complexes in Chattanooga and Knoxville as this is where the greatest environmental performance improvements and cost savings can be realized. Prioritizing improvements based on square footage rather than number of buildings has affected our performance in this area. In order to meet a goal of 15 percent of buildings applying sustainable guiding principles (based on number of buildings), we will continue to improve smaller buildings as is cost-effective and practical and still plan to meet the 15% goal by FY 2015.

Reduction in Fleet Petroleum Use

TVA is working to ‘right-size’ the vehicle fleet and to reduce employee travel, such as through use of online technologies for teleconferencing, which will help with reduction of petroleum consumption. Due to TVA responsibilities to provide reliable power to a seven-state region, significant reductions in petroleum use have been difficult to achieve.

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