Commercial Custom and Prescriptive Efficiency Assistance

Project Description

TVA will fund energy evaluations and specialized consulting for commercial/institutional end-users approved requests and provide incentives for associated energy efficiency improvements. TVA will use both in-house expertise and third-party expert consultants to deliver evaluations and provide consulting services.

Incentives will be of two types:

  1. Custom incentives of $0.10 per kilowatt-hour based on the estimated first-year annual kilowatt-hour reduction resulting from the improvements.
  2. Fixed incentive amounts per installation based upon a calculated energy savings estimate for each installed measure.

Data on participants’ facilities will be captured in a central database, applying kilowatt-demand and kilowatt-hour reductions to each energy efficiency measure.

This project is part of the existing EnergyRight Solutions program. Budget authorization will be for at least the minimum amount to satisfy the EPA required spending commitment.

Project Implementation

This project is comprised of three TVA efficiency offerings delivered in partnership with local power companies in the region:

  1. Tailored solutions: (a) encourage electric energy efficiency improvements in very large commercial/ institutional projects (b) customize delivery of site-specific technical assistance and incentives (c) develop and implement whole facility, multi-year energy efficiency project plans.
  2. Custom Incentives: (a) provide technical assistance to help identify custom facility and process electric savings opportunities at commercial/institutional facilities (b) custom incentives are based upon first year of kilowatt-hour savings.
  3. Standard Rebates: provide prescriptive incentives for commercial customers for replacing less-efficient equipment with energy-saving technologies; these measures may include lighting, HVAC, food services, motors, office equipment, and refrigeration equipment.
Project MilestonesDates*
EnergyRight Solutions for Business FY 2012 operations beginOctober 2011
Commercial Custom and Prescriptive Efficiency Project commissioned as part of EnergyRight Solutions for BusinessOctober 2011
Project completedWithin five years of Plan approval
Report to EPASemi-annually

* Dates are tentative and subject to change

EPA Agreement Five-Year Budget

$55 to $60 million

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