Non Road Transportation Electrification and Infrastructure Applications

Project Description

The Non-Road Transportation Electrification and Infrastructure Project supports research and future implementation of a self-sustaining program to encourage market development of non-road electric vehicles. The goal is to provide lasting environmental benefits by supporting the use of clean-emission electric-powered vehicles as an alternative to traditional petroleum-fuel powered vehicles.

Project Implementation

TVA conducted a market assessment of non-road electric vehicles and infrastructure placement in the Tennessee Valley. The results of the assessment identified four technologies that will be pursued from this project. The non-road electric vehicle technologies include:

  • Electric Forklifts
  • Airport Ground-Support Equipment
  • Truck Stop Electrification
  • Electric Truck Refrigeration Units

Electric Forklifts

TVA's EnergyRight® Solutions Electric Forklift Program offers cash incentives for replacing your internal combustion forklift with an electric equivalent. Electric forklifts have lower operating costs, lower emissions, less maintenance and quieter operation. As noted in the online application, incentives are subject to the availability of funding. The Program will offer incentives as follows:

$2,000 per electric forklift incentive for the replacement of Class 4 or Class 5 IC forklift with a new Class 1 or Class 2 electric forklift. In addition, a $2000 incentive is available for the purchase or lease of a new Class 1 or Class 2 electric forklift.

The new electric forklift must remain operational at the site for a minimum of the following to receive the incentive:

  • Two years if operating a 3-Shift per day operation
  • Three years if operating at a 2-Shift per day operation
  • Five years if operating at a 1-Shift per day operation

Learn more about this limited-time incentive offer.

Airport Ground Support Equipment

The Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Program released a request for proposals (RFP) on June 29, 2015 for the installation and operation of electric GSE. The proposal was open to airport authorities, airlines, and any other business that use, service or sell GSE within the TVA service territory and receive electric service directly from the TVA or through a Local Power Company served by the TVA. Four regional airports and one corporation were selected for Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) EPA project awards, pending further contract negotiations. The awardees are:

  • Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport
  • FedEx Corporation
  • Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
  • Tri-Cities Regional Airport

The GSE project's primary objective is to promote the expanded use of electrically-powered GSE for reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions within the Tennessee Valley region. As of March 31, three airports have completed GSE projects for a total spend to date of $806,330. The electric GSE now operating at these three airports include a belt loader, scissor lift, baggage tractor, electric service truck, 9 ground power units and 13 preconditioned air units. These upgrades will result in emissions reductions of 1,849 metric tons of CO2 annually. All remaining projects are expected to be completed on or before August 31, 2017.

Airport GSE RFP

For Airport GSE RFP inquires contact Brad Wagner at  data-sf-ec-immutable="">

Request for Proposals (PDF, 69 kb)

Webinar presentation (PDF, 1.4 mb)

Webinar questions (PDF, 103 kb)

Truck Stop Electrification Award Announced

We are pleased to announce that this project is completed. Convoy Solutions LLC, dba IdleAir was awarded $131,250 for equipment and installation of 24 TSE spaces at Eco Travel Plaza in Crossville, Tennessee. This project will reduce emissions of trucks while idling at rest stops and has the potential to save 432 metric tons of CO2 annually.

TVA thanks all those who supported this initiative and participated in the competitive bidding process.

Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit Award Announced

We are pleased to announce that this project has been completed. Shurepower, LLC, doing business as Shorepower Technologies was awarded $298,599 for equipment and installation of 20 eTRU parking spaces at Performance Food Group-Customized Distribution (“PFG-CD”) located at 825 Maddox Simpson Parkway,in Lebanon, Tennessee. The project will reduce emissions generated by refrigerated trucks idling at docks and has the potential to save 2,225 metric tons of CO2 annually.

The support and participation in the competitive bidding process for this eTRU project is appreciated.

EPA Agreement Five-Year Budget

No less than $8 million in combination with Medium Duty Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Project.