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Land-Use Decisions

Pending Decisions

None at this time.

Recent Decisions

Section 26a Permit Request for a Commercial Marina Expansion on Kentucky Reservoir

TVA is considering a request for a Section 26a permit to install additional boat slips, expand the harbor area by about 5 percent, and dredge portions of the harbor at Pebble Isle Marina on Kentucky Reservoir.

Transfer of TVA Property on Pickwick Reservoir

TVA is considering a request by the State of Mississippi to transfer approximately 174 acres within Yellow Creek Port for use by the Mississippi Development Authority for the purpose of continuing industrial development pursuant to Section 4(k)(b) of the TVA Act.

TVA Selects Concessionaire Manager for Six Campgrounds Located on TVA Dam Reservations in Tennessee

TVA has selected Recreation Resource Management Inc. as the concessionaire manager to operate and maintain six campgrounds located on TVA dam reservations in Tennessee.

Review process

TVA is the steward of 293,000 acres of public land, which it manages by carefully balancing public needs and agency goals. Land use requests from the public or private sectors can be submitted to any of TVA's Regional Offices. Major requests, when they’re in accord with TVA’s integrated resource management mission, will be submitted to the TVA Board for approval. The watershed offices can handle minor requests.

TVA’s rulings are governed by the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires that decisions take into account the proposed actions’ environmental impact and their effect on cultural and historical properties and artifacts.

Go to Environmental Reviews for information on environmental impact statements and assessments, and other related documents.