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Sustainability Report

Sustainability is at the heart of TVA’s mission to make life better in the Tennessee Valley. Our focus on sustainability helps ensure that we fulfill our mission to provide low-cost and reliable electricity, a healthy environment and a prosperous economy—today, and for future generations.

As a public power supplier, our unique mission of service drives and inspires us daily to pursue new ideas and innovative solutions.

What does sustainability look like at TVA?

TVA is powering the Valley’s economy of the future. We are pursuing strategies and partnerships that will lead to the energy system of the future, a focus that creates an important competitive advantage for the Valley. As we pursue these goals, we remain committed to maintaining low costs and 99.999% power reliability.

We aspire to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and to support broader national efforts to decarbonize the economy. Committed to advancing electrification, we are working with partners to accelerate the electric vehicle market in the region.

TVA is a steward of the environment. We manage about 11,000 miles of shoreline and 293,000 acres of public lands along the Tennessee River and its tributaries. We implement sustainable recreation projects so people can enjoy the region’s beautiful lakes, fishing spots, trails and campsites.

TVA serves people and communities across the Tennessee Valley. Our region has been hard hit this past year with record rainfall, devastating tornadoes and the COVID-19 pandemic. TVA has assisted communities impacted by severe weather and has provided pandemic relief to communities, businesses and partners.

As our world and the energy industry change, TVA is leading the way to a sustainable future.

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Economic Impact

TVA delivers low-carbon, low-cost, reliable energy that powers the ambitious strategies and climate goals of large and small businesses and attracts industries and jobs to support the Valley’s economic growth and future prosperity. Learn more.

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Environmental Impact

TVA is a steward of the region’s waterways and surrounding public lands, and we are dedicated to preserving the Valley’s cultural and natural resources and maintaining a healthy climate for future generations. Learn more.

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Social Impact

At TVA, our unique, long-standing mission of service drives and inspires us every day to support the 10 million people we are privileged to serve. TVA delivers vital services across the region to assist families, communities, businesses and industries – and help the Tennessee Valley recover and grow. Learn more.