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Sustainability Report FY 2023

Clean, reliable, affordable energy. Good job opportunities. A healthy environment offering abundant access to expertly managed natural resources.

These are the hallmarks of sustainability, and they’re fundamental to the historic mission of service that has guided Tennessee Valley Authority since its formation in 1933, when President Roosevelt first championed the creation of TVA.

Today, the seven-state service area has emerged as a preferred destination for new businesses and new residents from across the nation. Upholding a proud tradition of progress and innovation, TVA is committed to a sustainable, clean energy future. The challenge and opportunity of the energy transition is clear, and TVA is prepared to once again lead the way in building a sustainable future.

Our aim is to continuously reduce our environmental impact, not in pursuit of abstract statistics, but because stewardship of our land, air and water is our privilege and our responsibility. And because our actions today become the next generation's memories.

– Michael McCall, Vice President of Environment & Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officer

In upholding this proud tradition of progress and innovation, TVA is committed to a sustainable, clean energy future. The enterprise’s 10,000 employees work each day to protect and preserve the environment, attract new businesses and new jobs, and provide affordable, reliable, resilient and clean energy to the 10 million people of the region.

More than 90 years ago, TVA began transforming this region. This transformation continues, with TVA embracing sustainable solutions that make life better for all.

Our Aspiration to Net Zero

We are embracing the next sustainability challenge – working to serve regional growth while also developing a pathway toward a net-zero carbon energy future. This means delivering affordable, reliable, resilient and clean electricity for more families, businesses and industries like new nuclear and electric vehicles.

– Jeff Lyash, President & CEO

TVA has a path forward for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which includes these focus areas:

  • Energy technology innovation – utilizing new technologies for a net-zero future
  • Valley innovation – being a catalyst for economy-wide carbon reduction
  • Fleet innovation – creating more carbon reductions with our existing fleet
  • Energy delivery innovation – reducing carbon emissions by finding innovative ways to deliver power
  • Natural resource stewardship innovation – assessing the potential for carbon reduction/sequestration and for applying greenhouse gas protocols

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TVA, in collaboration with the University of Tennessee, developed the Valley Pathways roadmap to examine the pathways and partnerships needed to achieve a net-zero economy in the Valley region by 2050.

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Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the region’s air, land, water and historic resources

TVA’s commitment to clean energy is complemented by its management of the Tennessee River system for flood control and other benefits, including recreation along the river system’s dams and reservoirs. This adds about $12 billion a year to the region’s economy. TVA’s Biodiversity Policy and Natural Resources Plan also guide initiatives that support work in conservation, ecotourism and more.

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Economic Impact

Powering economic success in the region

TVA’s reliable, clean energy supply brings sustainable new jobs and capital investments to the region. Many new industries locating here directly support a clean energy future, such as Ford Motor Co.’s BlueOval City campus for manufacturing electric vehicles. The west Tennessee site is expected to be a $5.6 billion investment that will create 6,000 jobs.

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Social Responsibility

Investing in local communities

To help ensure people across the region share in opportunities for a more sustainable future, TVA works in partnership with communities to support education in science, technology, engineering and math; skills training and digital literacy for the jobs of the future; and environmental justice and community resilience for all those TVA serves.

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TVA Board members


Strong governance leads to secure energy future

TVA’s Integrated Resource Plan will provide a compass for meeting the region’s energy needs in the coming years – and public engagement is a vital part of this and other initiatives. TVA’s relationships with federally recognized Tribes and others ensure the enterprise works in partnership and transparently. TVA also provides for the physical and cyber security of its public power assets, ensuring the enterprise’s public power continues to serve the public.

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55% power

delivered from carbon-free
sources in FY 2023

118.3 million kWh

of energy saved through
EnergyRight in FY 2023

254,890 acres

of habitat protected under
TVA's Natural Resource Plan

$9.2 billion

in projected capital investments
based on FY 2023 performance

$10.4 million

donated in community
contributions and disaster relief

$611 million

in payments in lieu of taxes
in FY 2023

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