Become a Camp-Right Campground

Being a Tennessee Valley Camp-Right Campground shows your commitment to the environment, and entitles you to assistance and some sweet perks from TVA. 

As part of our mission of service, we’re looking for ways to promote campgrounds in the Valley that share our passion for protecting the environment. To be certified as a Tennessee Valley Camp-Right Campground (TVCRC), a campground voluntarily meets or strives to meet and promote environmentally friendly campground management and camping practices related to energy efficiency, water conservation, natural resource protection, plant and tree management practices and others.

TVCRC Benefits

TVA will help you get started, provide technical approval for on-site enhancements, promote your campground and provide a quarterly newsletter with ideas and suggestions to help you enhance your guests' experiences. Plus, TVA can help you increase visibility and enhance or expand your campground services through Camp-Right certification.

Schedule Your Onsite Evaluation!

If you maintain a valid TVA permit or contractual agreement, you can get started today by scheduling your onsite evaluation: Call 865-828-1186. It's simple—and it's free.