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Private Water Use Facilities on the Clinch River

TVA proposes to demonstrate that private water use facilities can be constructed and maintained along the Melton Hill Reservoir shoreline (Clinch River mile 24) without endangering the survival of the false foxglove (Aureolaria patula). The shoreline area involved is in Beech Grove subdivision, Loudon County, Tennessee. False foxglove is listed by the state of Tennessee as threatened and is a former candidate for federal listing.

TVA would  approve a limited number of docks as a demonstration to determine whether and how such facilities can be approved without affecting these plants. If the demonstration indicates that water use facilities can be constructed across false foxglove populations without causing any significant impacts, TVA may use the procedures established to evaluate future applications for such facilities where the species or its habitat occurs.


For more information, see the documents below:

Final Environmental Assessment (PDF)
Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF)


To obtain a printed copy of the document and attachments, contact the Public Land Information Center by email at [email protected] or (800) 882-5263.