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TVA Employees Teach Girls to be UnBought and UnBossed

Two TVA employees — Nicci Brewer and Kayla Verner-Dingle — were honored by Girls Inc. at the UnBought and UnBossed Awards.

Saving Rare Beauties

The Tennessee Valley's sheer biodiversity means it includes endangered and threatened species. TVA helps care for such species in many ways. Here's an example: a rare, lovely orchid.

The Secret Ocoee

There’s more to the Ocoee River than world-class whitewater rafting. We caught up with an experienced guide to find out what other secret adventures the Ocoee has to offer.

TVA Partners to Provide Energy Upgrades to Aberdeen Federal Courthouse

“Pursuing a Utility Energy Services Contract with TVA positions this building for long-term operational efficiency and will provide a productive work space for employees and visitors.” — John M. Dennis, U.S. General Services Administration

New Board Member Joins TVA in West Tennessee

“TVA’s priorities remain a critical part of the formula that drives success in the Tennessee Valley: reliable energy at low cost, responsible stewardship and being an active partner in economic development.” — John Ryder, TVA Director

TVA Is Protecting Your Drinking Water. Here’s How.

TVA wants you to have a clear picture of our work to protect Memphis drinking water. A new video shares a 3-D view of our remediation efforts at the Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis.

Good Stewardship Unites TVA and Local Cub Scouts During Allen Gas Plant Tour

“We’re teaching our Scouts to be thrifty, clean, reverent, respectful of clean energy and resourceful .... So, we wanted to come and see how energy is made and the steps TVA has taken to be better stewards of our resources.” — Abbay Milnor, Webelos Den Leader

Memphis City Council Members Tour TVA Facilities

“We are both hopeful and confident that MLGW and the City of Memphis will find TVA’s overall value proposition in energy and economic development will continue to provide the greatest benefit to Memphians.” — Mark Creech, TVA

What Lies Beneath: “Hidden Rivers” Premieres

A TVA-sponsored nature movie goes beneath the surface of the Tennessee Valley’s waters and takes you on a close-up tour of the astonishing variety of life in the water.

Women in TVA Help Teach Girls About STEM

The explosion in the popularity of handheld devices and other technologies is phenomenal; yet, few American girls are gaining expertise in science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—fields.

Memphis Matters to TVA, Lyash Tells PSAT

“The partnership between MLGW and TVA gives Memphis robust, reliable, and low-cost power, with local control right here in Memphis. That’s the beauty of public power.” — Jeff Lyash, TVA President & CEO

Delivering on Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

In FY18, TVA set a new supplier diversity record, spending more than $445 million with diverse businesses—those owned by women, people of color, veterans and those located in historically underutilized business zones (Hubzones).

After the Flood

Did the high water leave litter and debris on your property or in your Tennessee Valley community? Are you seeing shoreline erosion? Find out what you can do.

There’s an App for That

Want to know what’s happening on the Tennessee River system? Need lake information at your fingertips? You’ve got it: just download TVA’s Lake Levels ap

Solar Is Shining in the Valley

With a slew of recent solar growth, TVA stands poised to triple its solar portfolio by 2021.

TVA Dams Avert $1.6 Billion in Flood Damages

The numbers are in. TVA’s River Forecast Center estimates about $1.6 billion in flood damages were averted while the Tennessee River swelled due to the wettest February in TVA’s recorded history. PLUS: Video stories from the heart of the flooding.

Nolichucky Upgrade

A new spill gate at one of TVA’s oldest dams will allow better access and greater safety through more accurate inspections.

You Can Rely on Her

Marjorie Parsons—the first woman to be named Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year—is a vigilant guardian of the transmission system, working hard to maintain reliability for the people of the Valley and beyond.

Wintertime Transmission: Bag the Sag

Polar vortexes and arctic blasts are winter conditions that bring dangerously cold temperatures to the region. But for TVA’s 16,000 miles of transmission lines, frosty weather carries an offsetting benefit—more capacity.

Rings of Truth

The work of Dr. Florence Hawley, a 30s-era TVA dendrochronologist, gains new relevance as TVA and University of Tennessee scientists draw on her work to assess future weather impacts in the Tennessee Valley.