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Let this “MapGuide” Lead You to Lovely New Places

Looking for Tennessee Valley fun? We suggest you visit National Geographic's Tennessee River Valley MapGuide, a web site dedicated to the best places to see, stay and eat in the region.

A Stroke of [Economic Development] Genius

Once again, TVA tops the list of utilities for its economic development prowess. This is the 14th year in a row it has been honored by Site Selection magazine for being in the top 20.

Partnership Produces More Solar in the Valley

A new 6MW solar facility at the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi includes more than 15,000 solar photovoltaic panels on approximately 38 acres that will produce enough energy to power 750 homes.

Saving America’s Great Southern Grasslands

Prior to the 1930s, the Southeast was a mosaic of forests, woodlands, wetlands and grasslands — some covering millions of acres. The loss of these open habitats is a threat to biodiversity. Learn about a new partnership to study and expand Southern grasslands.

TVA Partnership Safely Relocates Osprey Nest

When osprey built a nest atop an electric pole in Guntersville, Alabama, and endangered both newborn chicks and power service for customers of Arab Electric Coop, TVA and partners took swift action to save the day.

Bees and Butterflies Find New Native Habitat

Pollinators — beautiful, important links in our food chain — find themselves welcome at the Collins River Prairie, a peaceful oasis beneath power lines.

Lake Sturgeon Make a Comeback

This ancient fish, once extinct in the Tennessee River system, has made a comeback thanks to a savvy reintroduction initiative by TVA and its partners.

Watts Bar “Bee-Team” Saves Swarming Hive

When a swarm of bees descended on Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, one beekeeping employee knew just what to do. Thanks to his know-how and connections, these important pollinators are surviving and thriving today.

Fiber Optic Installation Sheds Light on Valuable Partnership

A project to install fiber optic cable to increase bandwidth and data transmission speeds between dams and locks shows how two federal agencies can partner to reduce costs and improve communications.

TVA and Memphis Urban League Help to Build Futures of Minority Contractors

"This program represents an increase of opportunities to create economic pathways for families. Individual business owners will also get the business enhancements and skillsets they need...." — Eugenia Gray, Memphis Urban League

TVA Donates Backpacks, School Supplies to Local Students

“What started off as a reading tour last year has spawned into other partnership opportunities, which shows that TVA has a sense of duty toward students’ success and the community.” — Illeanette Rosado-Wilson, Shelby County Schools

City’s First Golf Classic: A Hole-in-One for Memphis Youth

"To have companies like TVA to come onboard, to support the efforts of the Memphis Office of Youth Services, it really speaks volumes,” — Memphis Office of Youth Services Director Ike Griffith

TVA Releases Ancient Fish into Tennessee Waters

The Lake Sturgeon of North America coexisted with the dinosaurs — and thrived in the Tennessee Valley until the 1960s, when it went nearly extinct in local waters. Now, it's making an amazing comeback.

Rare Orchids Get a Health Check

White fringeless orchids — a threatened species — were given a new lease on life on a TVA power line right of way earlier this year. When scientists paid a recent visit to the site, they found flowers blooming.

Watch Now: – How TVA is protecting Memphis drinking water

As a member of the Memphis community, TVA is taking action to ensure its operating and legacy facilities help protect the city’s prized drinking water quality.

TVA Gives Tullahoma Aquatic Exhibit an International Flair

Now, thanks to a STEM investment from TVA, a new exhibit at the Hands-on Science Center (HOSC) in Tullahoma, Tennessee, will add a species with exotic flair—the Mexican Walking Fish.

TVA Talks Economic Development with Memphis City Council

“TVA is the only public power utility that carries a congressional mandate to advance economic development in the areas it serves.” —John Bradley, TVA

Machinist Apprenticeship Program at TVA Fills Skills Gap

Electricians, pipefitters, boilermakers — almost every trade has an apprenticeship program at TVA. But when we had trouble finding machinists, TVA partnered with Northwest-Shoals Community College and Johnson Contractors to start a new training program.

T.O. Fuller State Park Campers Explore STEM Careers at TVA’s Allen Gas Plant

“The tour was really good, and the plant was a good place for us to learn how the utility industry works. I think it will help us find careers and explore what we can do in life.” — 18-year-old participant Michael Foster