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Alvin C. York Institute Makes the Grade in School Uplift Pilot Program

York Institute was invited to join 10 other schools for TVA EnergyRight’s School Uplift pilot in February 2020.

First Valley Partner Solar Project Under TVA Generation Flexibility Program Breaks Ground, Will Provide Clean Energy to Schools

The 9-megawatt facility will be named Martin Solar Farm and is expected to be operational before the end of the year.

TVA Supports Local Museum Reinvention at Bessie Smith Cultural Center

After more than a year of closure to the public, the Bessie Smith Cultural Center is reopening its door—and sharing its vision for an exciting reinvention, with support from community partners like TVA.

TVA’s Stream Access Points Bring a Stream of Benefits

Recreation on the water, like paddling, brings measurable benefits to physical and psychological health. Now, a new TVA study shows it brings economic health as well—millions of dollars worth.

Stay Cool and Win Big: TVA’s Great Indoors Summer Sweepstakes Is On

Temperatures are rising across the region, air conditioners are working overtime, and increased energy use and the resulting cost is on every homeowner’s mind. Start saving energy today to lower your monthly bill with free or low-cost energy savings tips and resources from TVA EnergyRight®.

Jessica Hogle Named TVA Vice President, Federal Affairs

Jessica Hogle has been named as the vice president of TVA Federal Affairs to lead efforts to inform and engage D.C. stakeholders.

The Future of Coal at TVA

TVA recently shared a set of guiding principles that aspire to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, including plans to potentially retire TVA's entire coal fleet by 2035.

More Than a Career — Valley Students Explore Engineering at Summer STEM Camp

For high school sophomores Emily Gasser and Kyle Landreth, engineering is more than a career choice — it means family and good memories.

TVA’s Maierhofer Named North Region Vice President

Justin Maierhofer has been named as a regional vice president to help lead TVA’s new approach to building strong partnerships as it serves the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Virtual Glasses Provide Innovative Inspection Solution During Pandemic

Adapting to mask wearing happened early on, but another unexpected accessory proved to be helpful in stopping the spread.

Harnessing Solar Power for the Valley

Thanks to a partnership among TVA, Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Vanderbilt University, more large-scale solar power will be harnessed for the Valley.

First All-Electric School Bus Hits Valley Roads

A new all-electric bus will be picking up school kids in Washington County, Tenn., this fall.

Promise and Progress

Norris Dam, built in 1933, is a dam of firsts. Now you can take a look inside, through a virtual tour. Just click here.

Powered by People You Know: Steve Cole

Working within TVA’s Cultural Compliance Department, Steve Cole ensures TVA projects respect the rich history residing within the Valley’s veins.

Stop! Don’t Pick Up an Axe until You Pick Up the Phone

Before cutting trees or undergrowth on or near a TVA reservoir, a property owner’s first call should be to TVA. We’ll answer questions and help you avoid possible costly mistakes.

TVA Names Regional VPs for East, South Regions

Two TVA managers have been named as regional vice presidents to help lead TVA’s new approach to building strong partnerships as it serves the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Boating This Summer? TVA Tugboat Crew is Keeping You Safe

If you’re like most recreation enthusiasts, you may not think much of the bright red and green buoys that dot the sparkling Valley waters. But the crew of TVA’s tugboat Sideview knows they’re vital to keeping the navigation channels safe.

A Message From Mark Yates: My First 100 Days at TVA

Here, Regional Vice President of External Relations, Mark Yates shares his thoughts on his first 100 days at TVA.

Memphis Non-Profit Sees the Value of Partnerships

TVA understands the importance of reliable, affordable electricity to the Mid-South region.

Shelby County Lands TVA, Facebook Solar Site

The Memphis and Shelby County community is already home to the blues and barbeque; now Shelby County also will be home to one of Tennessee’s largest solar farms.