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Winter Chills, Outdoor Thrills

Amid cooler temps, the Valley region has plenty on tap for adventure.

Mystery of the Mussels

Biologists partner to bring rare animals back from the brink of extinction.

A Mission to Innovate

Reliability analysis manager Timothy Fritch receives TVA’s Engineer of the Year award.

Balancing the Basin

Drought conditions linger, but spring rains could set the stage for a summer of great recreation.

Megawatts in the Megastorm

TVA’s winter preparedness shines as bitter cold snap fuels record energy demand.

Sandhill Cranes Reign on Reservoirs

This winter, visit the Valley region’s reservoirs to see the majestic migratory sandhill cranes.

Ackerman Ramps up Efficiency, Winterization

TVA teams are nearing completion on the enterprise’s largest improvement at a gas plant.

Baby, It Was Cold Outside

Extreme snowfall isn’t a frequent event in the Valley region – but it’s happened before.

Nifty and Thrifty

Free DIY Home Energy Assessment kits help homeowners and renters save on energy costs.

Warmer Together

Small steps help reduce energy use, saving you money and strengthening the region’s resiliency during peak demand.

Cold Snap Arrives

TVA’s Nick Austin shares a behind-the-scenes look at weather forecasting.

The Race at Cutoff Reach

TVA scientists embark on expeditions to protect globally imperiled plants and animals.

Build a New Year’s Green Routine

Explore expert tips for environmental stewardship in the new year.

Planning Ahead

Public webinar highlights latest information in TVA’s IRP process.

TVA Investment Challenge Teaches More Than Investing

For two decades, students in TVA's Investment Challenge Program have learned the skills that employers value.

Rare Bird Graces Chickamauga Reservoir

Region's reservoirs welcome birds such as the ancient murrelet, a Pacific seabird that flew in from 3,000 miles away.

Watchers of the Watershed

TVA teams with Native Tribes on river stewardship.

Into the Woods

Recreation and Environmental Justice grants help bring people outside for learning and play.

This Area Is My Home

TVA crews work alongside local partners to repair tornado damage.

Buttoning Up the Winter To-Do List

TVA teams are wrapping up about 3,400 cold-weather upgrades at plants around the Valley region.