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Hunger in the Time of COVID

Food insecurity is tough and affects thousands in the Tennessee Valley each month. Add a global pandemic and food banks are struggling to keep up with those who need help. TVA employees are pitching in to help.

Look but Don’t Touch Artifacts on TVA Public Lands

Three years of record rainfall have caused extensive erosion and flooding along the Tennessee River banks and public lands. TVA reminds public lands users to leave artifacts right where they are.

You, Naturalist

TVA participates in the BioBlitz to identify and add new species to the amazing biodiversity already found in the Tennessee Valley. We can't do this work alone--so download the iNaturalist app and join us!

TVA Statement on the RFP Process

TVA respects and supports MLGW’s decision to pursue an RFP as it looks to its long-term energy supplier. We are excited about the opportunity to put the facts on the table and prove that our partnership with MLGW is the best option.

Innovative Inspections

Using lightning fast drone technology, the scrubber at Cumberland Fossil Plant was inspected in a matter of hours, not weeks--saving time and money for critical maintenance.

The Carp are Jumping!

Asian silver carp — known for jumping in large schools when stimulated by watercraft vibrations — can multiply quickly and disrupt river ecosystems. The invasive species is already established in Kentucky and Pickwick reservoirs.

Welch in Memphis Business Journal's 40 under 40

TVA is pleased to announce the selection of Community Relations Program Manager, Latrivia Welch, into the Memphis Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2020!

The Not-So-Common Harebell

Hovering 200 feet over the Tennessee River, TVA uses new technology find a centuries-old species new to the region, and a new way to survey sensitive species in their native habitats.

TVA Response to Executive Order

We understand and support today’s Executive Order. We want to ensure that U.S. employees have good opportunities through our employment and supply chain practices. We look forward to working with the White House, continuing a dialogue and supporting future policies in this direction.

Virtually Viewing the Valley

Virtual site tours allow business leaders from as far away as Japan, Germany and California to consider location options in the Tennessee Valley without ever boarding a plane.

Snakes on a... Transformer?

Dealing with wildlife is a big part of transmission and substation maintenance. TVA addresses issues with snakes, squirrels, birds, rats or raccoons to keep the power flowing.

Flexible Generation Grows Throughout the Valley

TVA has planted the seed of flexibility throughout the Valley, and is now watching new projects flourish within the public power model as local power companies move to create their own generation.

Let's Meet Again—Virtually

TVA is building on the success of its first virtual open house about Bull Run Fossil Plant with another virtual community event on September 24, 2020.

Partners in Sustainability

Sustainability remains a key area of focus at TVA. Read the new Sustainability Report for a progress report on the partnerships that build a stronger, more sustainable future.

TVA Launches Another Virtual Tool to Stay Engaged with Communities We Serve

TVA is hosting its first ever virtual open house to share information regarding our efforts at the Bull Run Fossil Plant as we prepare for closure in 2023.

Bull Run's Future = Economic Development

TVA brings its expertise in economic and community development to imagine the possibilities for the future of the Bull Run Fossil Plant.

Modernizing TVA's IT Organization

Computers and how they are used to manage our lives and businesses have changed significantly over the past 30 years. TVA's IT organization is evolving to best take advantage of that innovation.

Supporting Virus-Killing Technology

TVA will provide incentives to businesses and schools to install UV-C germicidal lights that remove viruses, like COVID-19, and bacteria from indoor air.

There's TVA History in Your Garden

Today's flourishing "Victory Gardens" can trace their roots to the very beginnings of TVA, and its work to help the Tennessee Valley's farmers get back on their feet in the '30s.

More Value for Memphis

Memphis is important to TVA. We are prepared to act on TVA’s proposals and partner with MLGW and the City to deliver up to $2 billion of value over the next 20 years to the people and businesses of Memphis.