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Delivering Reliable Power 24/7

As communities take action to slow the spread of COVID-19, one thing 10-million people across seven states don’t have to worry about is having clean, reliable low-cost electricity from the TVA and its employees working around the clock.

Power to the People

In line with its mission of service, TVA is making up to $1 billion of credit support available to the Valley's local power companies to help keep power flowing to those affected by COVID-19.

Plan a Safe Spring Adventure with MapGuide

Although COVID-19 has triggered cancellations of festivals and gatherings for now, spring continues to unfold… and you can still enjoy it!

COVID-19: How TVA Is Helping the Valley

Since the TVA Act was first signed in 1933, our job has been to help the people of the Valley through times of trouble. Now, we’re doing what we can to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

More Rain in March

TVA River Management continues to perform critical functions amid the COVID-19 outbreak due to ongoing above-average rains following the second-wettest February on record.

Get Out and About

Just because you're practicing social distancing doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up indoors. Now is the perfect time for a solo trip out into nature.

TVA Celebrates More Ways to Reduce the Energy Burden for Memphis Residents

TVA and key representatives from the community participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of TVA’s Mobile Unit Weatherization Training Lab.

TVA IT on Frontline for Pandemic Safety

A safe, reliable electric system is critical to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. TVA's team is on the frontline to keep employees safe and electricity flowing.

High Flying Training

New operators are honing their skills on 3D printed drones before graduating to more advanced aircraft. TVA’s cutting-edge training program incorporates best practices from universities and other power producers.

Tornado Damage Repair Continues

TVA crews continue repairing and rebuilding transmission structures while supporting our neighbors after deadly tornadoes occurred in Middle Tennessee on March 3, 2020.

Retrieving a Twisted Tower

TVA sonar technology helps find and retrieve a fallen transmission tower in the Cumberland River.

Find “Lucky Shamrocks” and Many Other Wildflowers on TVA Lands

Several wildflowers fall under the “shamrock” moniker, including white clover. Sporting small white or pink-tinged blooms, it thrives from spring to late summer in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA Partners with Greater Memphis Chamber to Support Supplier Diversity

An important part of TVA’s mission of service is maintaining a competitive, diverse supplier base that is reflective of The Tennessee Valley region.

Helping our Neighbors Stay #TennesseeStrong

TVA crews are assessing damage and supporting our neighbors after deadly tornadoes occurred in Middle Tennessee on March 3, 2020.

Putting Knowledge to Work

For more than two decades, TVA’s Investment Challenge Program has augmented business curriculum at the region’s top universities. According to Dr. Floyd Tyler, the program teaches students interpersonal, team-building and analytical skills that employers are looking for.

Groundwater Monitoring Results Highlight TVA’s CCR Commitment

TVA is sharing results of the latest groundwater monitoring samples taken at its coal combustion residuals sites to identify areas for additional study and possible corrective action.

Nearly $1 Billion in Rainfall Damage Averted in February

TVA's skillful management of the Tennessee River system helped avert major damage to the Valley's towns and cities. Read more for insights from the River Forecast Center.

Valley Lakes Worth Billions

A study from TVA and the University of Tennessee shows that the annual value of recreation on the Tennessee River reservoir system for the region is nearly $12 billion.

TVA River Forecast Center Hustles as Water Flows

TVA river forecasters race to do what they can to minimize flooding across the Tennessee River Valley as heavy rainfall and runoff continue across the system.

TVA Updates Anderson Co. on Bull Run

TVA is committed to providing up-to-date information as we work with the community in Anderson County on the future of Bull Run Fossil Plant. The Tennessee Valley is our home and we remain committed to protecting the communities we serve.