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Promise and Progress

Norris Dam, built in 1933, is a dam of firsts. Now you can take a look inside, through a virtual tour.

Powered by People You Know: Steve Cole

Working within TVA’s Cultural Compliance Department, Steve Cole ensures TVA projects respect the rich history residing within the Valley’s veins.

Stop! Don’t Pick Up an Axe until You Pick Up the Phone

Before cutting trees or undergrowth on or near a TVA reservoir, a property owner’s first call should be to TVA. We’ll answer questions and help you avoid possible costly mistakes.

TVA Names Regional VPs for East, South Regions

Two TVA managers have been named as regional vice presidents to help lead TVA’s new approach to building strong partnerships as it serves the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Boating This Summer? TVA Tugboat Crew is Keeping You Safe

If you’re like most recreation enthusiasts, you may not think much of the bright red and green buoys that dot the sparkling Valley waters. But the crew of TVA’s tugboat Sideview knows they’re vital to keeping the navigation channels safe.

A Message From Mark Yates: My First 100 Days at TVA

Here, Regional Vice President of External Relations, Mark Yates shares his thoughts on his first 100 days at TVA.

Memphis Non-Profit Sees the Value of Partnerships

TVA understands the importance of reliable, affordable electricity to the Mid-South region.

Shelby County Lands TVA, Facebook Solar Site

The Memphis and Shelby County community is already home to the blues and barbeque; now Shelby County also will be home to one of Tennessee’s largest solar farms.

Now You See 'Em

With a little help from TVA scientists, a noted National Geographic explorer swings by the Tennessee Valley to photograph endangered aquatic life as part of a worldwide collection of rare species.

TVA Turns 88

In our 88th year of service, TVA continues to make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley in new and important ways.

Stop! Call Before You Cut

Before cutting trees or undergrowth on or near a TVA reservoir, a property owner’s first call should be to TVA. We’ll answer questions and help you avoid possible costly mistakes.

TVA’s Energy System of the Future

In the wake of the recent winter storm that caused energy blackouts and reliability issues across several states, many have asked if it could happen across TVA’s seven-state region. We caught up with Jacinda Woodward, TVA senior vice president, Power Operations, to find out why reliability matters and how TVA is both investing in and building the energy system of the future – making that event very unlikely to happen here.

Cicada Rythm

2021 marks the emergence of the 17-year cicada in the Tennessee Valley. VIDEO: Here’s what nature lovers can look for.

Gleason Unit 3 Silencer Still ‘Right Thing to Do’ for Local Community

After six months in reserved shutdown, Unit 3 at TVA’s Gleason Combustion Turbine Plant will soon be back online after the planned spring outage, complete with a brand new exhaust stack silencer for continued noise reduction.

Rebuilding Better

The wildfires of 2016 burned many Sevier County homes. But contractors are rebuilding better and smarter, thanks to TVA's EnergyRight.

10th Anniversary of 2011 Tornado Outbreak

April 27, 2011 started like any other mild spring day. But after three waves of severe storms and tornadoes struck the area, entire communities in the TVA region were devastated and the TVA system sustained the worst damage in its history.

Uplifting the Underserved

TVA’s award-winning Home Uplift program has helped more than 1,700 Valley residents to afford their energy bills while living comfortably — and the program has now been awarded for its efforts.

Ornamental but Invasive

Whether sprouting along a fence line or filling the cracks in sidewalks, you’re sure to come across them — non-native invasive plants. Did you know that many of them were initially welcomed as ornamental garden plants?

Keeping Tabs on Local Carbon

A new partnership is aiming to help Tennessee Valley communities both better understand and act on their carbon emissions for the good of our environment.

Four Ways to Be More Eco-friendly

Looking for ways to go green for Earth Day this year? Consider adopting one or more of these eco-friendly practices and you'll do good while saving money.