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Country Fair Connects Rosemark to TVA Through the Three Es

October 7, 2019 – On Saturday, September 28, 2019, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) participated in the Country Fair held in the heart of the Rosemark Historic District in North Shelby County.     

The free seven-hour event was hosted on five acres and boasted many offerings including an antique car show, bee exhibit, farm equipment, herding dogs, live music, a home and garden expo and a diverse group of vendors.   

The theme, though unspoken, was clearly patriotic. Women dressed in American Revolution-period costumes passed out copies of the United States Constitution. Exhibitors displayed historical archives and restored military equipment.  A beautiful rendition of “God Bless the USA” was performed during the opening ceremonies, which was attended by a host of local and national dignitaries and local families. 

“Everyone who comes to the fair, whether they are sponsors, volunteers or residents, attends to experience a quality way of life," said Cary E. Vaughn, president of the Country Fair Committee. "The relationships, fun, food, and fellowship are things people want and need. That is what this fair is about — building connections. And when we come together, great things happen.”

As one of the major vendors, TVA set up two large logo-embossed tents and a 150-foot bucket truck featuring a beautiful American flag waving high above the fair, visible for miles around.

Through one-on-one audience engagement, TVA representatives spoke to hundreds of participants and offered fun giveaways. Festivalgoers had a chance to learn more about TVA’s contribution to communities through specialized programming, environmental stewardship, and services.     

“The Tennessee Valley Authority is active and invested in the local community,” said Mark Creech, TVA Executive Director–Memphis. “Our mission is to make life better for people, and that's what we focus on daily. The Country Fair was a great opportunity to connect with families and hear their stories. We care about our neighbors and are very grateful to have been offered a chance to be a part of this fine event.” 

Called the 3-E approach, TVA leadership and representatives sought to discuss energy, environment, and economic development with participants. The team passed out energy-efficient light bulbs, offered free home assessments, and shared information about some of TVA’s newest innovations.

Children gathered around the TVA maintenance truck to marvel at its towering crane. And possible future employees spoke with John “Joe” Bell, General Foreman of the West Area for Maintenance, and his team about the process of employment and the benefits of working for TVA.

Bell and his team visit colleges and technical schools across the Mid-South often to recruit new talent and raise awareness about TVA's growing employment base.

“This job is gratifying,” said Bell. “You get a chance to help a lot of people and see the state. Our team covers all of West Tennessee, and we're always looking for new people. This fair is a great recruiting tool to get in front of those who are interested in learning a new skill set and want to be a part of TVA.”

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