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memphis employees at Toys for Tots

Donation and Volunteers Make Holidays Brighter

DECEMBER 10, 2020 —Earlier this week, TVA staff delivered a donation for $10,000 and volunteered at a Memphis Toys for Tots location. The volunteers worked to ensure that those in need are able to have a happy holiday season. Carrol Howard, local coordinating officer for Toys for Tots said, “We don’t get to have flexibility on spending. We have to spend money allotted on toys, but what TVA’s contribution does is it helps us pay for PPE and other safety components.

memphis employees check presentation for Toys for Tots


Howard continued, "We also have a $30 spending cap per child, so this generous donation also helps us make sure that we can purchase bikes and other larger items that we generally couldn’t afford. In years past I have dug into my personal expenses to make things work but fortunately I won’t have to do that this year.” 

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