Energy Synergy

Energy + Industry = Syngery

Most people recognize that economic success is driven greatly by the availability of reliable, affordable energy. Throughout TVA’s long history, we have delivered just that to our customers across the Valley region.

We understand that clean, affordable energy is the key to economic success. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing just that—with an impressive 99.999% reliability rate. We know that it's crucial to attracting and keeping the many businesses and industries that have made our region grow and thrive.

Today, we sell energy directly to 58 large industrial and federal facilities, and our 154 local power companies serve thousands of other businesses through their respective power systems. Whether those businesses are manufacturing cars, paper, steel or developing the technologies that will shape our future, they are the key drivers of the region's economy. The employment opportunities they provide and the contributions they make to their communities are major reasons that the Tennessee Valley is a great place to live and work.

Because they set a high bar, so too must we work toward excellence in all of our endeavors—in energy generation and delivery, economic development and in environmental stewardship.

This is our report card, reflecting our endeavors for the past year in our three "Es." In it, we hope you will see continuous improvement, moves that better position TVA for a changing market and an unrelenting focus on our mission of service.

We invite you to read this Highlights Report, and to provide your feedback to our Account Managment team. Your business and support have helped make these accomplishments possible.

Direct Success

TVA’s directly served industrial and federal clients enjoy a steady flow of reliable, high-quality power—and so much more. Here we talk to three directly served customers who share what they most value about their relationship with TVA: low rates, flexibility, ongoing economic development incentives, customized carbon footprints, load shaping and more.  Watch a short video about TVA's positive relationship with its directly served customers.