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Four Ways to Be More Eco-friendly

Looking for ways to go green for Earth Day this year? Consider adopting one or more of these eco-friendly practices and you'll do good while saving money.

APRIL 19, 2021 — With the 51st anniversary of Earth Day on the horizon, TVA has put together a list of ways residents, families and businesses can get involved in our shared journey toward environmental conservation. Try one or all of these eco-friendly ideas, and you'll save money and lower your carbon footprint.

1. Up Your Efficiency I.Q.

If you haven’t focused on your home or business’s energy efficiency lately, you might as well be throwing money and energy out the door. Through our TVA EnergyRight suite of programs, you can find valuable advice and resources that will help you no matter where you are on your energy efficiency journey. 

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Virtual Energy Workshops — EnergyRight is offering virtual workshops to help homeowners get in the spirit of Earth Day. Register for the free Home Energy Workshop at 12:30 pm CT on April 22 by visiting And kids ages 5-12 will love hanging out with the EnergyRight Monsters on April 22 at 10:30 am CT. Our colorful cast of monster friends teaches kids where energy comes from, the ways we use energy in our lives every day, and how they can help their families save energy and money around the house. Register your child today at

  • Home Energy Evaluation — With both virtual and in-person options, an expert Home Energy Advisor will evaluate ten areas of your home to determine where you might be wasting energy and give you a customized report with suggestions to save. You’ll also receive a free Home Energy Starter Kit in the mail.
  • Low-Cost and No-Cost Changes — Whether you’re a weekend warrior or ready to invest in upgrades, make the most of your home energy with advice and tips.

2.  Go for Electric Options

TVA is a national leader in carbon reduction in our current operations. According to the recent TVA Sustainability Report, the utility reduced its carbon output by nearly 60% in the past 15 years by boosting power generation from carbon-free nuclear, hydro and solar sources. And this year, TVA is on track to have over 60% of our electricity come from carbon-free generation.

That means you can take advantage of TVA’s cleaner, greener system when you switch from fossil fuel-based options to electric vehicles, systems and appliances.

  • Consider an EV Electric vehicles (EVs) are more powerful, efficient and affordable than you might realize. Visit our EV site to discover easy-to-use tools that can help you compare available electric vehicle models, find a charger near you, and calculate how much you could save by making the switch.
  • EnergyRight Marketplace — Thinking of upgrading an appliance or home device? Before you make your purchase, check out the EnergyRight Marketplace to compare products based on energy efficiency ratings, read reviews and track prices to make sure you get the best deal.
  • My Energy Advisor — Businesses ready to tackle their energy waste and carbon reduction goals can control them through their My Energy Advisor dashboard. Track and assess energy and water consumption, find advice and case studies tailored to your business and discover available incentives and TVA-vetted contractors to help make your energy improvements.

3. Invest in Renewable Energy

In partnership with local power companies, TVA offers a spectrum of renewable energy solutions designed to serve everyone from homeowners who want to make a small monthly investment in clean energy to businesses and industrial customers who are seeking to partner with TVA on solar or wind installations.

  • Green Switch — For as little as $2 a month on your electric bill, you can support solar, wind and biomass renewable resources within the Valley while reducing your environmental impact. There is no long-term commitment and no upfront costs. This is a really easy, cost-effective way to go green. 
  • Green Connect — Considering installing solar panels on your home? Through Green Connect, residential customers interested in solar installations can connect with quality installers that have been vetted through our Quality Contractor Network. When you use Green Connect, you have an assurance that your system was installed to Green Connect program standards.  
  • Green Invest — Green Invest matches larger business and industrial customers with new-to-the-world renewable projects through a competitive procurement process.  This solution is for businesses ready to make a long-term commitment to renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley.
  • We also have energy efficiency solutions and resources for your business.

4. Clean It up

Litter isn’t just unsightly, it also harms our soil, wildlife and waterways. Beyond committing to making sure disposable items make it into the trash or recycling cans, consider volunteering with TVA to keep our Valley pristine.

  • Adopt a TVA Trail — TVA manages more than 30 public trails (150 miles) along the Tennessee River, its tributaries and on reservoir lands. You can help by protecting and monitoring the trails to instill a legacy of conservation.
  • Help Your Child Become a Water Monitor — Through TVA Science Kids Water Quality Monitoring program, your child can learn how to test water quality, record the data and apply their findings. Kids will discover how their actions can affect water quality at home and around the world.

For more information about TVA’s Environmental Stewardship, please visit

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