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New TVA L.I.F.T. Program to Take Future Line Workers to New Heights

Some of the most important men and women in the energy industry are the ones you don’t often see unless there’s a problem.

UPDATE: Due to ongoing concerns related to the pandemic, TVA is pausing this program until 2022. Applicants will be notified, and we’ll continue discussions with anyone interested in joining the program.

They’re known as linemen, or line workers, and they do just that – they work every day on the power lines to keep the electricity flowing. That’s why the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is offering a new program in Memphis, Tennessee for eligible adults who are interested in becoming line workers.

The TVA Future L.I.F.T. (Linemen Investing for Tomorrow) Program will empower male and female trainees with the skills they need to become linemen, which could offer salaries beginning at $45,000 and potentially increasing to more than $100,000 over one’s career.

“We literally could not be here without the trained, highly-skilled workers in the line industry,” said Mark Creech, TVA’s manager for Regional Relations in Memphis. “That’s why we’re offering this program to get people started on the career path that is so vital.”

Program requirements include:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Successful Completion of Drug Test
  • Letter of Reference from a Teacher, Counselor, Supervisor, or Community Leader (No relatives)
  • Capacity to attain Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Successful Completion of the American Institute of Research test
  • Physical capability to lift a minimum weight of 50 pounds and climb 50 feet or more
  • Ability to collaborate and work as a team member
  • Signed Safety Agreement (Each selected trainee must agree to TVA’s Safety Guidelines prior to participation.)

Selected applicants will participate in a Linemen Boot Camp, an introductory training program offering trainees an understanding of the skill sets and requirements necessary for success in the electrical line work industry. During the four-week Boot Camp set to begin in October 2021, trainees will receive a stipend. In addition, TVA will cover expenses for room and board, meals, equipment, transportation while onsite, and a professional mentor to support trainees’ development through the program.

Upon successful completion of the Boot Camp, TVA will fund 100 percent of trainees’ tuition for the North American Lineman’s Training Center. Program graduates are not guaranteed employment with TVA or another utility company, but they will receive skills that are in high-demand among utility companies nationwide – creating opportunities to build successful long-term careers as linemen.

For more information on how you can take your career to new heights in the TVA L.I.F.T. Program, call 901-577-2627.

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