Paradise CC

Paradise, Reinvented

Three generations of employees experience the changes at TVA's Paradise plant.

Senior Instrument Mechanic Cody Mercer used to drive 90 minutes one-way to get to work every morning. Now it’s only 10-15 minutes.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Cody began his TVA career at Paradise Fossil Plant working in Unit 3’s instrument maintenance shop. Six years ago, he transferred to Shawnee Fossil Plant – 117 miles away from the place he called home.

“My grandfather retired from Paradise Fossil Plant. He’s one of the oldest living retirees. And my father was a boilermaker who spent a majority of his career onsite at Paradise," he says. "My family is here. I was raised here so I didn't want to leave."

“But I knew I had a long ways to go in my career, and with coal transitioning out, I was looking for opportunities in a different technology.”

When Paradise Combined Cycle Plant posted a job listing for Operation Techs, Cody was selected, and now he’s closer to home, work and his family.

“Paradise CC is always looking to add talent to our skilled workforce as vacancies occur,” says Robert Scallions, Operations Manager. “We recently hired four new operations techs, each with coal experience. Hiring experienced TVA employees at Paradise Fossil is a win-win – we get more than qualified candidates and they get to work closer to home.”

“We’ve also found that employees that are from the area are more engaged and plan to establish their career here,” says Scallions.

“I’m excited for our coal colleagues with TVA experience and knowledge of our location to work closer to home and bring their talent and skill to Paradise CC,” says Dean Frederick, Paradise CC plant manager.

As TVA moves toward a cleaner energy portfolio, Power Operations is focused on training and retaining our talented workforce. By putting a long-term integrated workforce plan in place, TVA can plan for future operational needs and give employees the tools to plan and invest in their careers at TVA – and make the best career decisions for themselves and their families.

“Our focus is helping employees take the next steps at the right time to train in a different technology – like gas, hydro, solar or nuclear – so they can continue to serve the Valley for the rest of their careers,” says Phil Davis, Workforce Strategy senior consultant.

“TVA has already put a lot of time, money and training into its employees,” says Mercer. “There’s already a foundation built that can be transferred to other areas across the TVA service territory. I am just thankful to be able to have the opportunity to work closer to home and pursue the rest of my career with TVA.”