Preparing for the New Operations Center in Georgetown, Tenn.

Taking TVA into the future, the new operations center will offer technological innovation and power reliability in a changing marketplace.

TVA’s proposed plans to build the utility’s new high-tech Systems Operations Center in Georgetown, Tennessee, are still on track. Before residents can meet their new neighbors in 2023, they have an opportunity to review and comment on the draft environmental assessment about the operations center and the new transmission line and substation needed to power the facility.

“The new center is important to the Valley’s energy future,” said Clayton Clem, VP strategic transmission projects. “This is one part of our $2.2 billion plan to upgrade transmission assets and one of the biggest technological upgrades in TVA history.”

Southwest Birdseye

Last year, neighbors along the proposed new one mile transmission line voiced concerns about the route and its effect on Native American artifacts. Potential cultural resources were identified by both TVA and property owner Greg Vital. Given the potential significance of these resources to the Native American tribes, TVA worked with Vital to reroute the line onto land that had previously been logged.

“The property owners never opposed the TVA project,” said Vital, “and we are pleased to be close to a final compromise moving the project forward. It is very important that we preserve the Native American history discovered on the property and find ways to protect the land.”

In addition to the property owners, Clem said TVA worked within Section 106 Consultation with the Tennessee State Historic Preservation Office and Federally recognized Native American Tribes.

“We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Vital and all important stakeholders in working together to do this the right way. We’ve developed a plan that respects the resources and allows the development of this new center in Meigs County to proceed,” says Clem. “This is an important investment for the entire Tennessee Valley.”

According to Clem utilities are moving their operations centers away from urban areas to rural locations for additional safety and security. Located on 167 acres, the approximately 180,000 square foot center will house TVA’s new energy management system that works with smart technology, to help lower cost and increase the region’s electric reliability. One of the facility’s additional security features includes electro-magnetic pulse protection.  

“This is a monumental project for the Georgetown community and for Meigs County,” said Vital. “We look forward to TVA engaging the citizens as the project moves forward.” 

“TVA is public power – your power,” Clem said. “Your input ensures we can deliver large amounts of cleaner, reliable low-cost energy that creates quality jobs and drives investment for the communities we serve.”