TVA Spruces Up UL, NAACP Buildings To Boost Home Uplift Program

TVA’s EnergyRight® group is working with non-profit agencies in Memphis, supporting efforts to bring more weatherization services to town through the Home Uplift initiative.

Memphis has one of the highest energy burdens in the U.S. due to poor housing stock and a higher concentration of poverty. TVA is working with agencies like Urban League and NAACP to identify potential recruits for minority workforce development training programs that will increase the number and quality of weatherization contractors in the Memphis area. By helping local agencies like these, TVA is fostering an environment to raise awareness for opportunities in energy-related fields.

As part of this project, TVA is helping to make improvements to the Urban League and NAACP office buildings, which will enable them to serve as recruitment, training and engagement centers within the community.

Urban League

At Urban League the energy improvements to the building consists of modifications to HVAC and lighting. Gas rooftop units that were inoperable and inefficient were replaced with dual-fuel rooftop units. The existing inefficient lighting system was replaced with LED lighting that includes occupancy and daylighting controls. These improvements greatly improve the comfort and productivity of the buildings.

Total Cost: $245,000

Estimated Energy Savings: Electricity Savings of 10,938 kWh/yr and Natural Gas Savings of 1,523 ccf/year

Estimated Cost Savings: $2,270 /yr

NAACP Building

At NAACP the energy improvements consist of upgrades to electrical systems to bring them into code compliance and modifications to the HVAC system. Two inoperable 5-ton HVAC split systems with gas-fired furnaces were replaced with two efficient 4-ton dual-fuel heat pump split systems with gas furnaces. Additionally, an inoperable unit that had a newer indoor gas furnace with an older split system that had failed was replaced with a new outdoor unit and matching coil component.

Total Cost: $130,000

Estimated Energy Savings: Electricity Savings of 1,712 kWh/yr and Natural Gas Savings of 1,123 ccf/yr

Estimated Cost Savings: $1,163 /yr