TVA Statement on the RFP Process

August 19, 2020 -- TVA respects and supports MLGW’s decision to pursue Request for Proposal’s (RFP’s) as it looks to its long-term energy supplier.

We are excited about the opportunity to engage in the RFP process – put the facts on the table – and prove that TVA in partnership with MLGW is the best option for the people of Memphis and Shelby County.

When it comes to energy costs, Memphis starts from a position of strength. In partnership with TVA, MLGW today provides the third-lowest energy costs in the nation among its peers. TVA’s commitment is to keep energy costs stable over the next decade. 

We believe the people of Memphis deserve a partner that cares about serving their needs and addressing real issues like energy burden and the revitalization of the city’s core communities.

TVA recently announced a plan to do just that…delivering $2 billion in value to the people of Memphis focused on investing in core communities, regional economic development, and addressing energy burden challenges for small businesses and residential customers.

These are real, tangible investments, not hypothetical figures in a study. These are commitments TVA will deliver, not unbacked promises.

TVA has been privileged and honored to serve the people of Memphis and Shelby County for more than 80 years. We look forward to continuing that partnership for decades to come.