Bull Run Fossil Plant

TVA Updates Anderson Co. on Bull Run

We have been a part of the Anderson County community for more than 60 years. We care about this community and we’ll continue to be a good neighbor after our Bull Run Fossil Plant closes in 2023. As we take the steps to prepare for closure, there are a couple of things we want you to know.

· Your safety is our priority. We have invested more than $2 billion in state-of-the-art technology to ensure we are safely managing and monitoring our coal ash sites. This includes extensive groundwater monitoring, emissions-reducing technology, and a pioneering monitoring system that reports in real time on weather patterns, seismic activity, and structural stability.

· No decision has been made about future, long-term coal ash storage at Bull Run. We are conducting a comprehensive study under the supervision and direction of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) to guide future, long-term decisions on coal ash storage at Bull Run.

· We may not need a new proposed dry storage landfill at Bull Run. The results of the comprehensive study will guide our decision-making on whether we close in place our coal ash sites or close by removing the coal ash and placing it in a new proposed landfill. We are continuing with the permitting process – even if we do not need the landfill – because we must plan for every possible scenario.

· We do not transport any coal ash or other material from other sites to Bull Run. If a landfill is built, TVA will use it to store only coal ash from Bull Run. TVA will not bring coal ash or other material from anywhere else to the new landfill.

· Every coal ash site is unique, so decisions are site-specific. The results of this comprehensive study, along with community considerations, will determine our site-specific plan for Bull Run, including whether we will need to construct a new landfill. The decision at Bull Run will not be based on what we’re doing at other sites like Allen or Gallatin.

The Tennessee Valley is our home and we remain committed to protecting our friends and neighbors in the local communities we serve.