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TVA Submits Remediation Action Plan for Allen

Jul 23, 2018

TVA remains committed to the remediation of contamination found in shallow monitoring wells below the East Ash Impoundment at Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis.

We continue to work under the direction of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), with remediation of the East Ash Impoundment as our first priority. On July 20, TVA submitted an interim remediation action plan to TDEC for review. Once the proposal is reviewed and approved by TDEC, we will have more information on the short-term actions to address the contamination.

TVA also continues to work with TDEC on a plan for further remediation investigation and monitoring at Allen, based on a plan we submitted March 6. On July 20, TVA also submitted our responses to comments from TDEC on the remedial investigation plan.

As part of the National Environmental Policy Act, TVA must complete a review that appropriately analyzes various alternatives prior to making a final decision on closure of the ash areas at Allen. In that review, TVA will evaluate options for closure that include, but are not limited to, closure by removal, closure in place and the potential for beneficial use of the material.

It is important to reiterate that TVA has committed to not using our wells in the Memphis Sand Aquifer at the Allen Natural Gas Plant. Repeated testing has shown no evidence of contamination in those wells, nor in the city’s drinking water, which comes from the Memphis Sand Aquifer.


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