Public Power Week Toolkit Details

About the Public Power Week Toolkit

TVA and TVPPA’s Communications Advisory Group worked together to create a toolkit for Public Power Week, the week of October 6-12, 2019. We hope you find the materials in this Power of Partnership themed toolkit helpful in customizing your utility’s communications related to public power this October.

Enclosed you will find several communications resources, including social media content, messages that can be used in op-eds, press releases and media interviews, and co-branded advertising that spotlights our theme, the Power of Partnership, between your power company and TVA in serving consumers in the Valley. We share a unique public power business model in Tennessee Valley, and this is a great time to tell consumers the story of how we work to power their busy lives and the communities we serve.

In response to your request for additional tools and ideas to promote community-owned power, we are also working to develop another toolkit, due out later this year, that will serve to support your power company’s promotion of the public power model in the Tennessee Valley.

Power of Partnership Logos

Download digital versions of the Power of Partnership logos. These icons can be used on your website, media communications, bill stuffers, internal communications and more.

Please note: if you have trouble opening the .eps files, we recommend downloading the file to your computer, opening Illustrator (or the graphics editor you use), and then opening the file.

Talking Points

Linked here are talking points for Public Power Week focused on five areas: local, low cost, reliable, community focus, and quality of life. These Power of Partnership messages, which can be used as provided or edited to your specific needs, can serve as the foundation for op-ed and editorial content, press releases, media interviews, and more.

The messages are provided in talking point format to enable you to craft a message specific to your power company. Overlap in media markets has made template press releases and op-eds ineffective when used by multiple neighboring utilities, so we are trying a new approach that allows greater customization of messages. Still, neighboring utilities may wish to collaborate with one another on media outreach, combining messages that can reach consumers throughout the market. We encourage you to explore a joint approach with your neighbors, as both municipals and cooperative power companies are celebrating community-owned power in the month of October.  

For access to contacts at neighboring utilities, download the TVPPA Membership Directory app. You can find the app by searching “TVPPA Membership Directory” in either the Apple Store or Google Store on your phone. The first time you open the Directory portion of the App, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. You will need to click “Not Registered,” then enter your first and last name and email address. A 6-digit password will be sent to you via email which you will only have to enter once.

Digital Images

This year, we are providing digital images for use in your online platforms and print materials. The digital images may be used for your website, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and any other place you see fit.

Please note: These images are provided as flat images files that you can place your logo on top or a Photoshop PSD file where the image has been removed for you to place your own photo in.

Social Media Content – five messages, five days

In keeping with our Power of Partnership theme, social media messages and images focused on local, low cost, reliable, community focus, and quality of life have been created for your use. These messages can easily be combined with the images provided or your company’s images of its work in the community to create content that resonates with your audience. Like all other material provided in this toolkit, this content is designed to serves as a supplement to your local messages for unique, compelling content.

Please note: These images are provided as flat images files that you can place your logo on top or a Photoshop PSD file where the image has been removed for you to place your own photo in. The images that are in the files are stock photos and the property of TVA and cannot be altered or used for any other purpose because of that license.  

You may find these social media tutorials and tips from APPA helpful:

Facebook Basics for Public Power

Twitter Basics for Public Power

Instagram Basics for Public Power

Making Sense of Social Media Metrics

Boosting and Increasing Your Social Reach

Print Ad Templates

Three half-page and full-page, co-branded print ads are available for your use for Public Power Week, and include APPA’s hashtag for maximum impact. Please note that there is a place in the text where you can insert your power company’s name (in place of “local power companies”), as well as a space at the bottom where you can insert your power company’s logo.

A preview ad is available for you to review as a jpg file, and an editable version is available as a layered file for use in Photoshop. The font for the body copy used is: Arial Regular.

If you need assistance resizing these ads or making any further adjustments, we may be able to help. Please contact TVA’s Amber Bergdoll at or TVPPA’s Haley Gautreaux at hgautreaux@tvppa.comfor assistance.

Additional Ideas for Planning

  • Host an open house/tour for community leaders and/or consumers.
  • Host a celebration in your community.
  • Hold a workshop on a topic important to your consumers, e.g. energy conservation.
  • Add Power of Partnership graphics to your website during Public Power Week.
  • Perform a community service project or fundraiser for a need in your community.
  • Hold a breakfast, luncheon or dinner from city leaders and/or colleagues, and include a short presentation.