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Clean Water

Is it safe to swim? Can I eat the fish? Are the lakes and streams in my area healthy? These are questions TVA hears almost every day from people who live in the Tennessee Valley.

To help control pollution in waterways, the U.S. Congress passed the Clean Water Act in 1972. It sets standards and limits on what can be put in our rivers, lakes, and streams. (Read about the Clean Water Act on the EPA Web site.)

These are some of the ways TVA works to protect the river’s health and improve the water so it’s safe for fish and other wildlife.

Dams and Water Quality

Building a dam on a river to create a reservoir and using the stored water to produce power can cause two big problems for water quality. Read about these problems and what TVA is doing.

Fish-friendly Waters

More than 240 different kinds of fish live in the Tennessee River system, and TVA works with lots of other people to keep them happy. Click here for some examples of this work.

Watershed Teams

Protecting our watershed is an important part of keeping our water supply clean. But what is a watershed? Read about TVA watershed teams and what they do.

Is Your Reservoir Healthy?

TVA reservoirs get regular checkups, just like you do. Learn more here.