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We are committed to providing the best possible experience while visiting the Tennessee Valley Authority website.

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Have a question or issue about public lands, transmission rights of way, or other topics not related to the website? See our list of helpful contacts.

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Have a question or issue about open positions at TVA? Please contact [email protected].

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We care what you think, and want you to share your ideas and input with us. Please send any feedback not related to the website to [email protected].

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We want you to stay informed about the things we do. See our list of public meetings and projects open for public comment.

Power Outages

To report a power outage or for other questions about residential or commercial utility service, please contact your local power company.

Website Issues

Note: Some bookmarks may not work after our website update and may need to be changed. If you have other issues, report them using the form below. To help us quickly identify and resolve the problem, please provide as much information as you can. If you have any suggestions or requests for the website, you can share those as well. If you are trying to access lake level information, you can also use our Lake Info app.

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