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TVA and Its Partners

TVA & Its Partners

TVA could not accomplish all the things it does without a little help from its friends. That’s why TVA joins with different partners in many of its operations.

To help manage the river system, TVA works with two important federal partners: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Coast Guard. Also, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and other state agencies are partners in state government that helps TVA work on water quality in the watershed of the Tennessee River.

The best-known TVA partners are the 153 local power companies—municipalities and co-ops—that are distributors of TVA power. TVA sells the power to them, and they resell it to the people and businesses living and working in their area.

TVA partners with many other groups to do what’s called economic development—that is, helping to bring new businesses and factories to the region so that people in the Valley can find good jobs.

To help the environment, TVA works with groups of scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Electric Power Research Institute who are studying pollution and ways to clean it up. TVA also cares about climate change and the health of our environment. It works with lot of different partners on its Environmental Policy.

In addition, TVA and its power distributor partners have the popular Green Switch program, which lets people buy electricity from renewable resources such as wind and solar energy.