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Economic Development

How TVA Helps the Economy

Many people know that TVA is America’s largest public power company and that it helps reduce flood damage and make the Tennessee River easier to navigate. But did you know that TVA also helps bring new companies to the Tennessee Valley so that there will be more jobs available? And it helps keep companies here so that the jobs they provide don’t go away. One way it does that is by offering incentives and low power rates to companies that want to grow bigger so they can afford new buildings or equipment. It’s all part of TVA’s work to improve the Valley’s economy.

When a region has a healthy economy, there are enough jobs so people can earn money to take care of their families, buy homes and cars, and pay the taxes that support roads, parks, and schools. TVA understands how important good jobs are.

That’s why it works so hard to keep and bring jobs to the Valley. TVA can help businesses that are thinking about moving to the region. Through its Economic Development organization TVA works with companies to find the very best place for new factories, stores or offices.

It tells the companies how much power costs, whether good roads are nearby and whether there are trained people in the area who would be able to work in their business. And TVA’s engineers and environmental experts can help businesses plan a new building or make sure their operations do not hurt the environment.