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TVA Green Switch

Part of TVA’s mission is to protect our environment. In everything it does, TVA tries to be a leader in finding new ways to keep our air, water, and land clean.

Green Switch is one of TVA’s most exciting environmental programs. It allows people and businesses to choose to purchase “green” energy from the companies that sell the power that TVA generates. TVA generates green power at sites all over the Valley—even at one school.

What makes green power “green?” Renewability. Renewable resources like solar power, wind power and methane gas produce energy for today and are still available tomorrow because they are energy sources derived from nature that don't get used up as they generate power.

Green Switch began on Earth Day 2000 and is expanding to areas throughout the Valley as more resources for generating renewable power become available. Adding one block of Green Switch to your electricity bill costs only $2. You and your parents can find out how to sign up for Green Switch.