Running the River

The river serves many different needs for the people of the Tennessee Valley. TVA has to manage the river in a way that meets all those needs, such as reducing flood damage, allowing boats and barges to navigate safely, producing electricity, and making it possible for people to go boating, fishing and swimming. Read about how TVA balances all these river benefits.

About Dams

How are dams built? What are they made out of? How do they work? Do dams ever break? Impress your family and friends with these interesting facts.

Archaeology on TVA Lands

Many sites where ancient people lived are located along the shorelines of TVA reservoirs. TVA tries to protect those sites so we can understand what life was like hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Read about the work of TVA archaeologists.

Lake Levels

Why can't TVA keep lake levels up year-round? That’s a question TVA hears almost every day from people who use TVA reservoirs. Click here and you’ll know the answer!

Could We Run Out of Water?

Believe it or not, about nine billion gallons of water is taken out of the Tennessee River every single day. Find out where it goes and why we need to be careful so we don’t run out of water someday.