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Dollywood and TVA:
Playing with Purpose

TVA is proud to be the education partner to Dollywood and its newest addition, Wildwood Grove. We hope to use the partnership to educate the more than 2.5 million annual visitors to the park about TVA and the benefits that come from the public power model.

Through educational signs tied to online learning modules on this website, we’re creating STEM experiences you can enjoy before, during and after a Dollywood visit. Have fun at Dollywood while learning about water filtration and conservation, potential and kinetic energy, alternative modes of transportation, harnessing water to create electricity and more! Check the chart below to get started.


Dollywood-related Lessons

Dollywood Attraction Description STEM Resources
Splash PadsThere are many splash pad areas at Dollywood to help you stay cool in the heat. If your students are interested in creating their own cooling system, check out these resources!

Cool Your Heat

 Water Bottle Refill StationsDollywood provides areas throughout the park to fill your water bottle with clean, filtered water. If your students are interested in water filtration and water conservation, check out these resources!

Water, Clean Water

Water Filtration

Water Quality

 Roller CoastersThere are many roller coasters throughout Dollywood. To learn more about how potential energy can be made into kinetic energy, you will want to try out these resources!

Potential to Kinetic Energy

Energy’s Transforming Power

Amusement Park Ride

The Energy Behind Roller Coasters

Water WheelDollywood’s Water Wheel is a great example of how water can be used to create electricity.  If your students are interested in how to harness the power of water to create electricity and other ways to use alternative energy, check out these resources!

Energy’s Transforming Power

Alternative Energy

Exploring Energy

Hydroelectric Energy

Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Wind Turbines

Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa ShuttlesThe Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa Shuttles have been recognized for their efforts in using natural gas engines. If you’re interested in alternative modes of transportation, check out this lesson on Ecofriendly Transportation. Ecofriendly Transportation
Eagle Mountain SanctuaryDollywood works with the American Eagle Foundation to house the country’s largest presentation of non-releasable bald eagles. This Birds of Prey lesson will help your students discover how they, as concerned citizens, can help endangered birds of prey.Birds of Prey
Planning Your VacationIf you’re planning a trip to Dollywood, you might want to understand the climate of the area and how that effects local weather. This lesson will teach you how!Local Weather and Climate