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Natural Resources

Driving or Multi-dimensional Question:

Our everyday life is very different from how our ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. How have humans been able to provide energy and fuel for all of these changes to occur, and for us to live the high-functioning, ever-growing, and fast-paced lives we do now? What is the difference between a renewable and non-renewable resources?

Unit Summary:

Students will obtain and combine information from multiple sources such as videos, articles, and virtual experiences to describe that energy and fuel are derived from natural resources. Students will also obtain information on the difference between a renewable and non-renewable resources by experiencing a virtual field trip and completing several interactive games online. Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge in order to “Save the World” from an energy crisis. Finally, students will be evaluated on their understanding of this standard by creating a presentation in which they will compare a renewable and a non-renewable resource on a poster or by using a digital presentation such as a PowerPoint, prezi, etc.

Hook Event:

Natural Resource Relay Race

1. The teacher will need to write several natural resources on a sticky note (one resource per sticky note). Then write several man-made resources on a sticky note (one resource per sticky note). The Natural Resources could be rock, mineral, grass, oil, natural gas, water. The Man-made Resources could be house, shoe, eraser, pencil, paper, light bulb.
2. The teacher will group students into groups of 6. Each student needs two sticky notes.
3. The teacher will either draw a line down the board or provide a large piece of paper split in half. Label one side “Natural Resources” and the other side “Man-made Resources.”
4. The students must stand in a straight line. One at a time they will take their sticky note and place it on the correct side to represent if their object is a natural resource or a man-made resource. Students must come back to their group and get at the end of their group’s line. The relay race continues until the first group has placed all of their sticky notes on the board correctly. The teacher will want to have an answer key handy so he/she can quickly check for correct placement of sticky notes. The teacher can decide what the winning team receives. Some ideas could be the winning team gets to make a wish, play 30 seconds of rock, paper, scissor with a partner, 1-minute dance party, or pick their seat for Science time.

Culminating Event:

Natural Resource Poster/Presentation Project

For the Natural Resource Poster Project, you will choose one renewable and one nonrenewable resource and create a poster to highlight important information about each resource.

For each resource you must include the following:
1) Name of each resource you chose and whether it is renewable or nonrenewable.
2) At least one picture of each resource. You may draw the pictures or use pictures from a magazine, newspaper or the Internet (but you must include the source of the picture on your poster).
3) A 5-7 word sentence description of the resource, which may include what it is, where it is found, how it is collected, environmental impact, etc.
4) Five bulleted important facts or notes about the resource.
5) A work cited page with a minimum of two sources. You must include the sources of information you utilized for the poster project. Remember to use APA format. Attach the work cited page to the poster.
6) Creativity is always welcome! Feel free to make your poster appealing, colorful, unique, etc. In addition, feel free to utilize different means of presenting the information such as a PowerPoint, poster, prezi, diagram and/or poster board.
All requirements must be presented on the poster/presentation for each resource.


Science Standards:

4.ESS3.1 Obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from natural resources and that some energy and fuel sources are renewable (sunlight, wind, water) and some are not (fossil fuels, minerals).

Math Standards:

ELA and Other Standards:

Daily Activities

For more information on this lesson please see the Lesson Resources below

ActivitiesDescriptionResources and Materials
Activity One

Students will obtain information by watching several videos this can be done in small groups, stations, or as mini whole group lessons.

Watch video-

Watch Video-

Watch Video- Currents of Change Video- Renewable Energy-

Computers or tablets
Activity Two

Students will obtain information through reading articles, completing viewing guides, completing investigations, and answering assessment questions.

-Read Newsela Article-

-Teacher Pay Teacher Resource4.ess3.1 ‘Natural Resources’ by Friends Frappes and Fourth Grade (cost $6.00)

-Active Inspire Flip Chart or Powerpoint Presentation included that matches all documents included in the ZIP file.

-Students will complete a ‘See and Wonder’

-Students will complete the Investigation Recording Sheet daily

-Watch a video and complete viewing guide

-Complete vocabulary graphic organizer

-Read article and complete comprehension questions

-Complete Natural Resource Task

-Complete Natural Resource Assessment

Video links
Activity Three

Students will complete the following with the Virtual Field Trip

-Virtual Field Trip-

-Students will complete Powering The Planet Before and After log

-Students will complete Powering The Planet Nature Spy activity while experiencing the virtual field trip.

-Students will complete the Powering The Planet Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

-Students will complete the Powering The Planet Discussion Questions independently or with a small group.


NewsELA article

Activity Four

Students will complete the following interactive online activities.

-Students will play an interactive online game- —Students will play kahoot. This can be played with partners or individually for an assessment piece. -Kahoot! for schools | Make learning awesome in class and virtually

-Students or teachers can choose from several interactive games using this link

‘Natural Resource’ ($6.00) from TeacherPayTeacher seller Friends Frappes and Fourth Grade
Activity Five

To save the world from the energy crisis students will have to travel to 7 different regions of the world and install alternative energy devices that get power from the Earth’s natural resources. (Free Resource)

Powering the Planet Virtual Field Trip

a. Before and After Log

b. Spy Activity

c. Vocabulary graphic organizer

d. Discussion questions

Activity Six

Final Project

Students will create a poster or digital presentation to compare one renewable resource and one non-renewable resource. Students must follow rubric guidelines.

Brain Pop game link, kahoot quiz link, and interactive game links

Technology Integration:

Community PartnersContribution to Learning ExperienceContact Information
Forbes10 companies using 100% renewable power. Virtual field trips could be set up to many of these facilities if guest speakers are not available.

Retail- Whole Foods, Kohl’s
Banking- TD, HSBC, Deutsche Bank
Government- Environmental Protection Agency
Natural Resources- Mohawk
Food & Beverages- Dannon
Consulting- Pearson
Non-profit- The World Bank

Guest speaker from any local company that uses non-renewable or renewable resources. Guest speaker/expert on fuel-efficient cars.Guests could come and either speak about how their fuel efficient cars help the environment, or the students could do an activity with the speaker. 

Capstone Presentation:

Students will present their final projects to the class.

Lesson Resources