Community Relations

TVA was built to make life better for all the people in the Tennessee Valley, and that means giving back and building vibrant communities.

For many decades, TVA has played an important role in improving the social and economic well-being of the people living in our region. Just as we helped transition our region into the mainstream of American prosperity in the 20th century, we actively work to keep our Tennessee Valley communities prosperous in the 21st.

Every day, our team helps our region’s communities improve their quality of life, support a vibrant culture and ensure a prosperous future. Through a variety of corporate citizenship activities, philanthropy, public participation and volunteer activities, our team coordinates many efforts to help strengthen and serve our communities.

Corporate Contributions

We frequently contribute cash, supplies, equipment and in-kind services to our communities. To make the most impact, we focus on the following important areas.

  • Education: Our support focuses mostly on energy and environmental education as well as vocational and technical training in skills vital to our community workforces. We also contribute surplus equipment, supplies and materials; volunteers; free use of facilities; and cash to public schools.
  • Human Services: We support activities that enhance and improve the quality of life in our communities. In particular, we focus on helping organizations with many employees, those with a potential to impact a large number of people and human services organizations that provide services to a community not typically related to a particular health problem.
  • Civic-Business Partnerships: We support civic and business activities that our customers, economic development partners, public officials, community leaders and other stakeholders tell us are important to their communities. Through cash or in-kind contributions, we respond as best as possible to your specific community needs.
  • Health, Arts and Culture: TVA will consider limited contributions in these other areas, with emphasis on in-kind services.

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Team TVA

Our Team TVA program connects our employees’ volunteering passions with tangible public and community service efforts. Our employees participate in programs of their choice or those that TVA plans, organizes and sanctions. Some of our special Team TVA projects include Memphis in May, the Riverbend Festival, Habitat for Humanity and Partners in Education. Team TVA volunteer efforts are focused on not-for-profit and community organizations.

Community Connections

Adding to the impact of our volunteer activities on your community, we reward every 50 hours of employee personal volunteer time with a $250 grant to the organization they help. For every 100 hours, we double the grant to $500.

Our Community Connections grant program is our way of saying thank you to our employees and the organizations they serve.

Partners in Education

Our Partners in Education (PIE) program helps Tennessee Valley schools provide a high-quality education and prepare students for employment. We want to ensure that the members of our future workforce receive the essential knowledge and skills they need to thrive. About 70 schools in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi participate in our PIE program.

Specifically, PIE:

  • Donates surplus computers to Valley schools with the greatest need.
  • Provides money to improve education associated with energy and environmental education as well as vocational and technical training in vital skills.
  • Encourages TVA employees to participate in volunteer activities with students including Career Day presentations and job shadowing.

CADNet Program

Our CADNet School-to-Work program trains high school juniors and seniors in computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and provides local organizations with high-quality, low-cost CAD services. High school seniors are eligible to work for pay at one of our TVA offices while adding relevant experience to their resume before they start college.

Specifically, our CADNet School-to-Work program:

  • Expands educational and career opportunities for students by providing hands-on experience from their work with industry professionals.
  • Makes our region’s future workforce more competitive by teaching students advanced computer skills.
  • Provides our business partners with low-cost quality products and services produced by talented students. Services include CAD drafting, scanning and graphic design.

Since 1995, our School-to-Work program has grown from three students in Knoxville, Tenn., to over 4,500 students at 34 high schools across the Tennessee Valley.

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