Saving Chattanooga

Before TVA built Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga—the Valley's most flood-prone city—suffered from massive economic damage and moquito-borne health crises because of the untamed river.

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Celebrate Public Lands Day

We're celebrating Public Lands Day 2016 with six special events that are designed to help you connect to the earth and allow you to join us in our mission of environmental stewardship.

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Up for the Downtime

When Shawnee Fossil Plant is in outage—that is, taken offline for routine maintenance—the work is literally hot and heavy. Michael Treas embraces the challenge, and ensures restart reliability.

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Play on TVA lands and lakes this season, and share your adventures. Enter our contest by uploading your photos or short videos on Instagram or Twitter using #TVAfun, or via Facebook using our #TVAFun tab. Learn how you can turn your good times into cool prizes!

The Unified Development of the Tennessee River plan stressed TVA was to provide flood control, navigation and electricity for the region. TVAs dams are tangible evidence of its primary mission: improving life in the Tennessee Valley. We’re celebrating the 80th anniversary of the plan with a yearlong look at 25 dams it inspired.