A Fisherman at the Dam

This Hydro Plant Manager is passionate about water quality—and about the many other benefits the dams he oversees provide beyond flood control and power production.

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The Great Replacement

TVA’s Nickajack Dam was built to replace the ever-leaking Hales Bar Dam, which—built as it was in 1913—held the distinction of being the first dam ever on the main stem of the Tennessee River.

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Valley Lakes Worth Billions

A new study from TVA and the University of Tennessee shows that the value of recreation on the Tennessee River reservoir system for the region is nearly $12 billion.

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The Unified Development of the Tennessee River plan stressed TVA was to provide flood control, navigation and electricity for the region. TVAs dams are tangible evidence of its primary mission: improving life in the Tennessee Valley. We’re celebrating the 80th anniversary of the plan with a yearlong look at 25 dams it inspired.