First Line of Defense

With 25+ years of experience under his belt, this structural engineer helps ensure that TVA’s dams can withstand the forces of gravity, earthquakes, wind and water, and are among the safest in the world.

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A Dam for the People

Wilson Dam was built for WWI, but the war ended before it could spin up its turbines. After years spent in limbo, the dam gained new purpose with the founding of TVA.

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Public Power Transforms Real Lives

TVA’s history is inextricably linked with FDR’s New Deal. But to really grasp the depth and breadth of TVA's great work, you have to look beyond the politics to the ways electricity transformed real lives.

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Summer has come and gone, but you can always have a great time on the Tennessee Valley's lands and waters! Not sure where to start? We have you covered! Check out some of the best recreation spots on our reservoirs. While you’re enjoying the lakes, trails, picnic areas and campgrounds, share your adventures using #TVAfun on social media.