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A man cycling on top of Chatuge Dam

Regional Mountain Dams Safety Initiative

Known as the fount of the foothills, Blue Ridge Lake in the north Georgia mountains and Chatuge Lake straddling Georgia and North Carolina offer residents and visitors alike numerous benefits. 

From power generation and flood control, to water supply and recreation, TVA manages the safe and effective operations of the dams that support these lakes, also known as reservoirs.

Safe operations of the dams are important given their potential impact on the safety and livelihood of communities nearby and downstream.

Addressing Your Safety

While Blue Ridge and Chatgue Dams are safe, TVA always errs on the side of caution.  We’re focused on reducing the potential risk associated with the long-term operations of both these valuable assets. TVA has initiated two comprehensive studies, one at Blue Ridge Dam and one at Chatuge Dam, intended to inform which types of modifications (if any) might be most beneficial for increasing dam safety. These studies are scheduled to be completed sometime in 2026.

In the meantime, we have implemented several activities to ensure ongoing safe operations which include increased monitoring of the dams, increased interactions with local emergency management agencies, and placement of emergency response resources at or near the sites.

Keeping You Informed and Involved

TVA will issue a public notice of intent and will actively engage the public regarding any plans to study and select an appropriate potential modification to either dam, and/or to the dams’ spillways, and/or changes to long-term operations of the reservoirs and their pools.

Learn more about the potential risks and safety focus at each dam and sign up to receive updates as our efforts to preserve these community assets progress.

Blue Ridge Dam Safety Study

Blue Ridge Dam



Chatuge Dam Safety Study

Chatuge Dam



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