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As part of its mission of service, TVA manages its public lands and waterways to support recreation so the Tennessee Valley is one of the best places in the country to live, work and PLAY.

Looking to Go Local?

loudoun lake

The Best Adventures in the Valley

Live music, legendary fishing, water sports, history, hunting and hiking galore are just a few of the experiences awaiting you in the Tennessee Valley. Check out this online map guide curated by locals who are anxious to share their favorite finds with you.

Other Recreation Opportunities

hunters at sunrise

Off the Beaten Path

Looking to get away? Really Away? TVA has about 230,000 acres of undeveloped land where water gleams in the moonlight and birds serenade you throughout the day. Hunters, campers, hikers and birdwatchers can discover more here. Let the adventure begin!

man fishing in river

Tailwater Pursuits

TVA dam releases create world-class cold-water fisheries and whitewater paddling opportunities for kayakers and rafters. Here’s a guide to when and where to find them.

Like the Outdoors? It's a Career!

A Love for the Outdoors

Damien Simbeck is at the center of a delicate balancing act: managing public lands for recreational use while protecting and improving the Valley’s biological diversity and wildlife habitat.

Clay Guerry - A Day in the Life of a Recreation Specialist

If you enjoy the waters of the Tennessee River or have hiked, biked or camped near its banks, chances are that Clay Guerry had a hand in helping create part of your experience.