Distributed Solar Solutions

Distributed Solar Solutions is a TVA offering designed to encourage renewable energy projects that are directed by our Local Power Company (LPC) partners.

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Green Power Providers

Green Power Providers works with small to mid-sized consumers interested in installing renewable energy systems that can generate less than or up to 50 kilowatts.

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Dispersed Power Program

Since 1981, a forward-thinking TVA has offered homeowners and businesses—and even some small non-TVA power plants—a way to sell unused self-generated power to their local power companies and to TVA.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

TVA has launched a number of programs that let Valley-based businesses and consumers support and partner with us in generating clean, renewable energy. Learn how you can get involved.

TVA defines renewable energy as generation that is sustainable and is generally replenished naturally. Today, TVA produces renewable energy from conventional hydro, wind, solar, biogas and biomass co-firing sources. TVA also purchases renewable energy for distribution to its customers and conducts research into clean and renewable sources.

Green Power Switch

This innovative program allows consumers to offset their own carbon footprint and support the production of renewable energy by investing in $4 blocks of green power produced by solar, wind and biogas sources. Make the Green Power Switch today.

Green Power Providers

Green Power Providers is a TVA renewable energy program that promotes the use of green power through the installation of small-scale renewable energy systems. The sources may be solar, wind, biomass or low-impact hydro. The program is for small-scale systems generating up to 50 kilowatts. Read more about Green Power Providers.

Distributed Solar Solutions

Local power companies are taking the lead to move solar photovoltaic projects closer to the end-use customer. Mid-size renewable projects can range from above 50 kilowatts to 2 megawatts. Learn more about Distributed Solar Solutions.

Dispersed Power Production

Qualifying facilities that generate power up to 80 megawatts may connect to TVA power lines. Once connected, a qualifying facility can use its power for itself and sell any extra to TVA at TVA's avoided costs, or it can sell all of its power to TVA at TVA's avoided costs. Learn more about Dispersed Power Production.


In addition to the programs mentioned above, TVA also accepts unsolicited proposals from parties with sites located both in the Tennessee Valley and external to the TVA power system. Questions about the unsolicited proposal process and actual proposals should be submitted to powerorigination@tva.gov. Proposals should contain sufficient detail to allow TVA to determine whether the project meets its threefold mission of economic development, environmental stewardship and reliable, low-cost power.

Distributed Generation-Integrated Value Report

TVA includes solar, wind and biogas in its portfolio to protect the environment. We assembled a stakeholder group to help determine the value of small-scale solar distributed generation.


Wind Energy Contracts

TVA buys renewable energy from several Midwest wind farms. Read more about TVA’s wind power purchases.



TVA is a leader in clean and renewable energy research. Read about projects that fall under our Technology Innovations program.



Hydroelectric power is the nation's most reliable, efficient and economical renewable power source. TVA's hydropower facilities include 29 conventional dams and one pumped-storage facility.


Other Renewable Resources