Aquatic Weeds Treatment Schedule

The summer heat is on. That means the Tennessee Valley Authority’s aquatic plant management teams are out on the water surveying public access areas throughout the reservoir system.

TVA manages aquatic plants in developed public-access areas like boat ramps, swim beaches and courtesy piers on its reservoirs on an as-needed basis when recreational use and/or access become seriously hindered. The goal is to provide access for everyone to our reservoirs through a balanced approach to controlling nuisance aquatic plants. We do our best to preserve the positive aspects of aquatic plants, like providing fish and wildlife habitat, while attempting to negate the negative impacts, like hindering recreational use by the public.

TVA’s herbicide applications are prescribed and assigned by TVA staff based on intensive surveying and monitoring. TVA contractors then apply herbicides at the direction of TVA staff in those areas deemed in need of management. In order to better differentiate between privately contracted and TVA-directed management, TVA contractor vessels are marked with “TVA Contractor” signs and have a flashing light to indicate when an application is taking place. Following management, TVA staff then resurveys and monitors each site following treatment. (NOTE: Management treatment schedules are contingent upon weather conditions.)

Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

September 23 - 27, 2019

Honeycomb Creek – Honeycomb Public Ramp (upstream of Hwy 431), Honeycomb Public Ramp (downstream of Hwy 431)

Browns Creek – Beech Creek Public Ramp, Warrenton Public Ramp, Johnny Stewart Boat Ramp

Columbus City Area – Seibold Public Ramp

Waterfront Area – Waterfront Public Ramp

Mink Creek – Mink Creek Public Ramp

Roseberry Creek – Scottsboro City Park Ramp, Sportsman’s Ramp

Guntersville September 23-27

Potential Treatment Maps

Click below to see a map of potential management zones for each of the reservoirs on which TVA currently manages aquatic plants. Management areas are highlighted in bright green:
Melton Hill
Watts Bar

See detailed treatment plans at right. Questions? Comments? Send them via email to