TVA is governed by the bylaws of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Board Practices, and Committee Charters. These form the framework for the governance of TVA laid forth in the TVA Act. The addition of four working committees concerning risk and regulation, external relations, finances and rates, nuclear oversight, and people and performance help the Board of Directors fulfill its responsibilities.

These five documents form the backbone of TVA's governance.


The best interests of TVA take precedence over the interests of a director or any TVA employee. The Board expects individual directors, as well as officers and employees of TVA, to act ethically at all times. David Fountain, TVA's General Counsel, is the agency's designated ethics official, responsible for the administration of TVA's agency-wide ethics program.

Ethics & Compliance


The TVA Board has established four committees to help fulfill its responsibilities.

Audit, Finance, Risk, and Cybersecurity Committee

Overseeing financial health and reporting, risk management, cybersecurity, compliance, ethics, electricity rates, annual budget, major contracts, and portfolio planning, this committee reviews and considers input from the TVA Inspector General to ensure TVA investigates and reports transparently about its financial and legal obligations.

Joe Ritch, Chair
Beth Geer
Bill Kilbride
Bill Renick

Audit, Finance, Risk, and Cybersecurity Committee Charter (PDF)

External Stakeholders and Regulation Committee

This committee oversees relationships with customers, members of the public, and key stakeholders critical for success. Involvement includes TVA's regulatory policy, natural resource management, economic development, government relations, federal advisory councils, and emerging social issues.

Beth Harwell, Chair
Beth Geer
Michelle Moore
Bill Renick

External Stakeholders and Regulation Committee Charter (PDF)

Operations and Nuclear Oversight Committee

To ensure the utmost safety and effectiveness of TVA's power system generation and transmission assets, this committee oversees operational performance and planning. Additional oversight includes significant projects, major inspections and evaluations, long-term asset planning, and operational and regulatory compliance.

Bobby Klein, Chair
Michelle Moore
Brian Noland
Wade White

Operations and Nuclear Oversight Committee Charter (PDF)

People and Governance Committee

The primary focus is on people and the creation of a culture that lives up to its values to ensure optimal performance and sustainability of the enterprise. The committee will review the key components of the people framework which are inclusion with diversity, talent, engagement, total rewards, and labor relations. Another key function of this committee is board governance.

Brian Noland, Chair
Beth Harwell
Bobby Klein
Wade White

People and Governance Committee Charter (PDF)