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Jeff Lyash

Dear Fellow Stakeholders,

Tracy and I have been blessed with nine grandchildren, each with unique personalities, talents and perspectives. It is a joy to be part of  their lives and lifting them up as they grow.

Almost everything we accomplish in life is the product of support and  encouragement from others…family, friends, community. From our  parents’ guidance during childhood, to the efforts of teachers, coaches,  mentors and spiritual leaders…it’s easy to see how almost everything  we become is built on the shoulders of others.

Nine decades ago, TVA arose as a force for good. To lift up a struggling  region of our nation. TVA’s very foundation is built upon a strong mission  to benefit the public good. It’s a mission that has stood the test of time. 

Today, the challenges are different yet no less critical to the  communities we serve.

At TVA, our strength lies in our collective power. And that power comes  from the unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge each  individual brings to the table



More Than


Employees are the backbone of TVA

More Than


Retirees have established TVA’s legacy



Of the workforce are Veterans



Of employees are represented by Unions



Unions represent TVA employees and contractors

“We’re in this for the long haul. We are part of these impacted communities, and we are going to be here to support for however long it takes to get our neighbors back on their feet.”

— Justin Maierhofer, TVA vice president, north region

“Helping schools save money on their power bills ensures resources are allocated where it matters most — educating our children.”

— Cindy Herron, TVA vice president, Energy & Services Program

“TVA is committed to supporting STEM education to help develop today’s students into tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and IT professionals.”

— Jeannette Mills, Executive Vice President and Chief External Relations Officer

38,111 megawatts

Summer Net Capability

99.999% reliability

Industry-leading performance consistently delivered to customers since 2000

$17.2 billion invested

in a cleaner and more diverse energy generation mix since 2013

10,000 megawatts

of solar capacity targeted by 2035

Strength in stability

• Entirely self-funded since 1999

• Maintained flat wholesale base rates since FY 2019

• Total financing obligations are at the lowest level in 35 years

Industrial rates lower than more than 95% of the top 100 U.S. utilities based on June 2022 12-month rolling average from EIA data

Residential rates lower than 80% of the top 100 U.S. utilities based on June 2022 12-month rolling average from U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

“TVA has one of the nation’s cleanest, lowest cost, most reliable power systems, and it's fueling our region’s economic growth,”

— John Thomas, TVA’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial and Strategy Officer.

TVA provided a combined total of $449 million in Pandemic Relief Credits in FY 2021 and Pandemic Recovery Credits in FY 2022 for LPCs, their large commercial and industrial customers, and TVA directly served customers

Return 5% of Power Revenues to States and Counties as tax equivalent payments, totaling nearly $512 million* in FY 2022, $5.3 billion* in past 10 years and $15.7 billion* since 1941 *Not including the tax equivalent impact associated with fuel cost adjustments