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Join a team of other one-of-a-kind thinkers working to shape brighter futures here and in the places we care about. We’re a community of different experiences and perspectives united by a mission way bigger than ourselves—80,000 square miles bigger, to be exact.


Bring your ideas. Inspire the work from day one—and see your impact across the region.

TVA Career Paths

Build your future alongside a team of people who want to make a difference through their work. Find a path that energizes you in a collaborative culture, supported by resources that help you grow. When you’re doing your best and your team is too, we create more impact together—and make a bigger difference for the 10 million neighbors in this region. At TVA, find all the support you need to Do Good Here.



There's a Place for You Here

Engineering, cyber security, software development, data analytics, biology—even zoology! TVA team members bring their skills and passions to work every day in so many ways.


Make a (Really Big) Difference

If you’ve driven across the region, you’ve probably seen the TVA dams that make clean energy and help maintain lakes and rivers. That’s part of what we do. TVA’s mission is to make life better for the 10 million people who live here. Every day 10,000 TVA team members across hundreds of roles help do just that—by providing clean, reliable and affordable electricity, by supporting jobs and economic development to create prosperous communities, and by upholding an environmental stewardship program that has created some of the most beautiful and productive waterways in the United States.


Come do good with us—and help define the work we do to shape bright futures for you, for our teams and for all the neighbors who live here.