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Pine Reservoir is in the Beech River watershed in west Tennessee. Pine Dam is one of eight small dams located on the Beech River and its tributaries.

Pine Reservoir is one of a cluster of eight reservoirs that provide flood damage reduction, recreational opportunities, and water supply in the Beech River watershed in West Tennessee. The others are Beech, Cedar, Dogwood, Lost Creek, Pin Oak, Redbud, and Sycamore.

The reservoirs are open to the public, providing opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing. Backpackers and hikers enjoy the adjacent lands.

Programs in the Beech River area for upland game management, restocking fish populations, constructing underwater fish attractors, and enhancing the habitat for resident Canada geese to ensure the quality and future of the outdoor experience.

Pine: Facts & Figures

  • Construction of Pine Dam was completed in 1964.  
  • The dam is 38.5 feet high and 557 feet long.  
  • Pine Dam is not a hydroelectric facility. It has no power generators and produces no electricity.
  • Pine Reservoir has a flood-storage capacity of 2,580 acre-feet.  
  • Pine Reservoir extends more than two miles upstream from the dam.