Paradise Combined Cycle Plant

Paradise Combined Cycle Plant

Paradise Combined Cycle Plant is a 3x1 natural gas plant located in Drakesboro, Ky. The plant began commercial operation on April 7, 2017.

The facility uses natural gas for combustion and consists of three trains, each with a GE 7FA.05 gas turbine/generator and a Vogt heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). Each HRSG is equipped with natural-gas supplemental duct firing. The steam generated from the HRSGs provides steam to a Toshiba steam turbine/generator.

Plant design allows for simple cycle operation with a summer capacity of 600+ MW, or combined cycle operation with a baseload capacity of 1,025 MW and additional supplemental duct-firing operation of 1,100 MW.

The Paradise Combined Cycle Plant is a highly flexible and dynamic facility providing responsive, clean,  and reliable power to TVA's customer. The facility can operate in 1x1, 2x1, or 3x1 mode or operate in simple cycle mode as needed.

The Paradise Combined Cycle Plant generation replaced the Paradise Fossil Plant's Unit 1 and Unit 2 which were retired in April 2017.


Number of Power Blocks: 1

Summer Net MW: 1,100

First Unit: 2017

Last Unit: 2017