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Shawnee aerial view

Shawnee Project Phoenix

TVA is building the energy system of the future on the legacy of the past, pursuing a first-of-its-kind, 100 MW solar generation pilot project on a closed coal ash site at the Shawnee Fossil Plant in Kentucky. TVA is leading the industry in safely and securely closing a coal ash site and reusing it to advance carbon reduction goals and preserve farmland and greenfield space.

How It Works

TVA is in the process of closing a 309-acre coal ash site at the Shawnee Fossil Plant using a patented closure cap system called ClosureTurf®. The technology provides the capability for an innovative approach to building solar generation on closed landfills and impoundments. Solar panels can be directly attached to the engineered turf foundation using a system called PowerCap™ that maintains the integrity of the closed site. TVA is completing appropriate environmental reviews and regulatory requirements.

Shawnee aerial view

Why It Matters

Shawnee Project Phoenix is one part of TVA’s aggressive plan to meet the needs of a growing region by investing in new generation, which includes building 10,000 MW of solar energy by 2035.

Shawnee Project Phoenix also supports TVA’s goal of becoming 80 percent carbon free by 2035 while helping to preserve farmland and greenfield space, providing an innovative reuse option for a closed coal ash site, capitalizing on the proximity to existing transmission infrastructure, and enabling future potential opportunities to support solar additions at other closed coal ash sites.

The Big Takeaway

Shawnee Project Phoenix would help TVA build a sustainable energy future by repurposing a closed coal ash site for a solar energy production facility to meet carbon reduction goals and help preserve Kentucky’s agricultural farmland.